Divers encountered this mysterious 6-foot-long sea creature off the coast of New Zealand.

[ad_1] <figure class = "cms-block cms-block-embed cms-block-embed-youtube" data-iframe = ""date-thumbnail =" https://i.ytimg.com/vi/46GtJJorxIg/hqdefault.jpg "date-embed-id =" 46GtJJorxIg "date-embed-loaded =" false "data-height =" 270 "date -width = "480"> Two divers who were submerged on the coast of New Zealand came face to face with a rare and mysterious sea creature. Steve Hathaway and Andrew Buttle were in the … Read more

& # 39; Its absolute idiot: terrifying near-collision with truck in West Auckland

[ad_1] Gruesome images emerged from an almost terrifying collision that saw a dangerous driver almost crash into an approaching truck. On Monday morning, passenger Mike Cains was traveling through Waitakere when a car passed his vehicle around and a blind corner and was within inches of getting into a truck. Cains's vehicle had just crossed … Read more

Immigration fails to deport man who paid $ 10,000 to New Zealander with whom he married 11 days after first meeting | 1 NEWS NOW

[ad_1] Immigration officials failed in an attempt to deport a 60-year-old man who they believed paid a woman to marry him for residence after just 11 days of the first meeting. The Chinese man, 60, met the woman, 79, online. It all began after an introduction by the son of man, who knew the woman … Read more

The time turns bringing hail, thunder, lightning

[ad_1] Dunedin is experiencing hailstorms, thunderstorms and lightning, while heavy snowfalls and rains are in place in some areas of Otago and Southland as the weather worsens in the south. A large complex is expected to cover the country next week until Thursday, with the lower centers built in. Metservice issued a severe weather clock … Read more

Watch: Mysterious sea worm discovered in New Zealand

[ad_1] These two divers have been overshadowed by a deep worm that is more than 6 meters long and consists of hundreds of thousands of organisms. Longtime friends Steve Hathaway, 56, and Andrew Buttle, 48, were diving off the coast of Whakaari, the stratovolcano on White Island, New Zealand, on October 25, when they discovered … Read more