Chinese conglomerate buys Chilean developer of Australis for US $ 7.4 billion

[ad_1] The businessman Isidoro Quiroga sells his shares to the Chinese company Joyvio, a subsidiary of Legends Holdings, owner of Lenovo PC maker.The newspaper La Tercera confirms. Quiroga owns 94.5% of the shares of the Chilean breeder. He took over the company in 2003. According to the company's annual report, Australasia produced 64,819 tonnes of … Read more

Consumer Watch warns: do not be fooled on Black Friday

[ad_1] Friday, November 23, several stores in the country will have a black Friday day. The United States tradition has also gained space here, and many are eager to buy merchandise at a greatly reduced price. However, that does not mean it is a bargain. The Consumer Inspector writes that a product that is set … Read more

Approved by the authorities: Elon Musk will build the Internet in the space that gives each user a gigabit per second

[ad_1] The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, is a man with great ambitions, and among his plans is the construction of a satellite-based network in space to spread the Internet on the Internet. Now this great project has come a step closer to achievement. As among other reports from Ars Technica, SpaceX recently … Read more

Dirty predictions: – There are many bankruptcies

[ad_1] [Nettavisen:] "There are a lot of bankruptcies in the fashion industry and other industries in the future," said Ola Mæle, an investor and co-owner of the fashion chain Follestad for Nettavisen. Mælle has been in the Norwegian fashion industry for almost 40 years. First as one of the founders behind Bik Bok and Poco … Read more

– Get ready for some scary moments – Milliardar predicted cracked in 1987. Now he warns of scary moments

[ad_1] ( – From the point of view of the market, it will be very interesting. There are likely to be some very intimidating moments in the markets. The words belong to American billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. He is the manager of the hedge fund Tudor Investment, which is about seven billion dollars, or 59 … Read more

"Well, the self-propelled cars are coming."

[ad_1] Soon it's the car that drives you – not the other way around. Self-propelled technology has come a long way in many of today's cars. Volvo is one of the leading car brands. Earlier this fall, they showed us a very ambitious concept. That is, the Volvo 360c. A very interesting study of how … Read more

New analysis shows: Norway has the highest collection revenue in the Nordic region

[ad_1] The total debt collection in Norway clearly increased the majority among the Nordic countries last year. The number of debt collectors is also growing faster in Norway, where Sweden is following closely. This is evidenced by the recent analysis of the Nordic Debt Collection, recently published by the collection companies Intrum and Lindorff. This … Read more

Apple topped Red Day on Wall Street

[ad_1] The arrows pointed to Wall Street on Wednesday in the wake of the fact that consumer prices in the United States came as expected. US authorities' numbers showed consumer prices rose 0.3% in October compared to September. Year to year, the index rose 2.5 percent, while core inflation was 2.1. "I think the stock … Read more

Asian stock markets follow Wall Street down

[ad_1] mp-stories-top Widget The Nikkei index in Tokyo began to fall 3.5 percent shortly after opening. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index opened a decline of 2.1%. The stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen, which on a smaller scale follow the other markets in the world, also fell, though not so much. The first … Read more

Take 60% of the rooms in Molde

[ad_1] The hotel chain Petter A. Stordalen Nordic Choice has operated for several years the Quality Alexandra Hotel, which with 165 rooms is the second largest hotel in Moldes. From the first day of January of the next year is over. Then the competitor of Royal Copenhagen takes over the operation of the hotel. The … Read more