Walmart is not in the Good End; They have an Irresistible End. Which is?

[ad_1] Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 01.11.2020 21:36:00 For the second year in a row, Walmart will not enter the Good End, but they will still have offers, promotions and discounts for all your customers in what they call Irresistible End, which will start in virtual sales and then reach the chain’s physical stores. What … Read more

Rayados beat Cruz Azul and are among the top four

[ad_1] It was one of those nights when the result I got Blue Cross it would depend directly on José de Jesús Corona. The heavenly goalkeeper had responded to demands that the Monterrey, until he couldn’t take it anymore … One more oversight of the cement defense and it was over. The defeat of Blue … Read more

Ubisoft reveals list of PS4 games that are not compatible with previous PS5 versions

[ad_1] By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 10/30/2020 14h17 IMPROVEMENT: Ubisoft clarified that there were certain errors with the list of titles compatible with previous versions on PS5 and, by the following statement, they confirmed that the original article has already been removed: “We removed the Ubisoft Connect article and the forum post on backward compatibility, … Read more

New mandatory isolation would be irrevocable in Colombia

[ad_1] Katherine Trujillo Useche Latin Medicine and Public Health News Agency With the threat of the second wave of COVID-19 infections, many countries in the world have decided to return to strict quarantine to contain the uncontrollable amount of infections, countries like France and Spain have enacted total confinement in the last week and in … Read more

Carlos Rivera will forget Cynthia Rodrguez to flirt with Laura Pausini

[ad_1] Mexico City.- The famous singer, Carlos Rivera, became very popular, because in addition to being someone talented, he is also considered a valued Galn for his physique and good looks. This artist is currently in a relationship with the host of Come the joy, Cynthia RodrguezHowever, he surprised more than one, after Rivera became … Read more

The price of the dollar rises in Mexico on October 25

[ad_1] This is Sunday, October 25 him dollar price in Mexico, there was an increase in buying and selling, since its exchange rate gained 0.0036 pesos, increasing its price at the bank’s windows. It should be noted that the dollar presented an average value in the exchange rate in the first hours in the country, … Read more

Apple is doing in France what it promised to destroy

[ad_1] Apple should respect the law and include your EarPods in the new iPhones in France, but this is not a problem, but the way you do it. Instead of inventing a package with all the necessary items, the company duplicates the garbage with boxes, one for each item. The company promised to reduce carbon … Read more

Personalized medicine, a distant dream in Mexico

[ad_1] Health care in Mexico lacks sufficient human talent and technology to allow the entire population to access health services that improve quality of life in the short term. In the public network, according to data from the Ministry of Health, in the country there is a deficit of 200 thousand doctors and 300 thousand … Read more