Continuing the requirement that the former board of Krājbanka should receive EUR 15 million / Article / LSM.LV

[ad_1] On Friday, 2 November, the District Court of Riga continued civil matters to collect € 15 million from the members of the Latvijas Krājbanka Board of Directors. One accused of "Development / For!" Chosen by Saeima Martins Bondars Representative. On a regular hearing on Friday, defendants could raise questions to petitioners. The most important … Read more

Criticizes the FTA proposal for a government-led statement; Insufficient healthcare solutions – In Latvia – News

[ad_1] He said that the association continues to follow the new government building process and welcomes the FTA efforts to promote this process by providing ideas for the declaration of the incoming government. At the same time, LRPOA believes that LAS has disproportionately small and untapped seats in healthcare proposals in the issues discussed in … Read more

Places three people to order the darknet / Article / LSM.LV

[ad_1] The State Tax Office (SRS) officials in the Tax and Customs Office have arrested three people from abroad for ordering multiple drugs and psychotropic substances. These people have given different drugs to the illegal online trading sites in the so-called "dark dark" or hidden internet that can connect to a non-standard browser that conceals … Read more

The Riga Dzirnavnieks will soon be looking for a job at Pierga

[ad_1] Photo – "Rīgas Dzirnavnieks" The AS Rīgas Dzirnavnieks grain processing plant has begun transferring the already planned Estonian plant to Riga, so it will soon launch a new employee search in Pierga, informing the company. The company's representatives recall that the Baltic Mill, which also includes Riga Dzirnavnieks, in the Baltic states decided to … Read more