This year, the Road Safety Directorate is also implementing the “Steering? / LR1 / / Latvian Radio” claw

[ad_1] Invisible and inaudible zombies on the road endanger themselves and other road users. That’s exactly what drivers use mobile devices behind the wheel without realizing what’s going on on the road. The Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) continues the campaign “Directorate? Get off the phone!”, Launched last year. Campaign organizers – CSDD, insurance company … Read more

Halloween vegetable soup. Recipe for the show «Um, dois

[ad_1] Today, 8:05 Authors: Editing children’s content Serving interesting food, delicious and healthy cream soup – here’s an idea for kids, how to serve simple food differently. “One, two – ready!” The season is over. In this series, two teams of young chefs led by chef Raimonds Zommers will prepare a delicious autumn cream … Read more

In the shadow of billions of technology :: Dienas Bizness

[ad_1] The global giants of Internet technology announced their financial performance in the previous quarter this week. Overall, its performance cannot be considered weak, although the reaction of the stock swaps was not the most optimistic this time around. Many are concerned about the extent to which the economy will be stifled in many places … Read more

Huawei Mate 40 Pro has become the king of the DxOMark ranking – COMMERCIAL INFORMATION

[ad_1] The latest DxOMark ranking indicates that the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is equipped with the best mobile camera available on the market. Huawei’s latest flagship received 136 points, beating other competitors by showing excellent photo and video features. DxOMark tested the latest Huawei smartphone, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, and thanks to its impressive … Read more

Transmission: Myths and Evidence – What is known so far about immunity to Covid-19? – Society and Politics – News

[ad_1] An overreaction of the immune system has serious consequences, as it acts against its own cells. For example, the cororavirus enters the person through the nasal mucosa, the virus itself does not multiply, so it uses human cells, absorbs them and uses a cell proliferation machine and multiplies. After doing this, continue your journey … Read more

“My mayor is full!” Alexander Kurusov rages at busy men who invite him to date – Celebrities – – Entertainment

[ad_1] Kurusova is a big shock for gentlemen who are not loyal to their ladies. I understand that nowadays couples tend to be very democratic and extraordinary forms of cohabitation, but please guys / busy men / strong sex, PLEASE stop writing me letters inviting them to a date, a coffee or dinner! I don’t … Read more

The Latvian Cup semifinals will be played in the middle of the day

[ad_1] Tamazs Pertija | Photo: Optibet Premier League The Latvian Cup semi-final matches “Viensviens” will be played on Wednesday this week at 1 pm, the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) said on Monday. It has been reported that the Latvian Cup owner will meet Ventspils in the semifinals of the RFS tournament, but Liepāja will receive … Read more