VG reveals: Ropstad said he wanted a red win internally but started the hard-hitting abortion and hard fight against Hareide after a super secret meeting with Erna

[ad_1] HYSJ, HYSJ: Prime Minister Erna Solberg gives a hug to Deputy Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, who welcomes the studio for NRK's ​​"Debatten" program, a few hours after the dramatic KrF meeting on November 2 . Behind is the leader of the standing party, Knut Arild Hareide. Photo: Cicilie S. Andersen / VG DOMESTIC2018-11-19T05: 02: 12Z … Read more

Trailer drove down the road in Laukslett

[ad_1] Police are writing on Twitter around 6:30 p.m., when all emergency services exploded after they received a message that a trailer had driven down the road and was located next to Ramfjord. According to reports, the driver must have recovered and does not appear to be physically injured. Kåre Munkvold, operations manager for the … Read more

Trailer left the road in Hundbergan

[ad_1] Lost horse. Red-brown horse with black mane and tail missing in the Bjørkebakken area in Brøstadbotm, reported at 7.25pm ​​tonight. Last watched 4 hours ago. For observation, call 02800, informs the police district of Troms. Lost puppy. Gordon Setter disappeared black and brown from the Dalsletta area in Harstad, reported at 6 pm Sunday … Read more

Sarpsborg Labor Gazette – Women's rights are fixed

[ad_1] abortion lawAfter the KrF challenged the right and the Labor Party if we were willing to discuss parts of the abortion law in any government negotiations, the abortion debate was resurrected. Erna Solberg opened to discuss two areas of the Abortion Law in any government negotiations with KrF: fetal reduction and what is perceived … Read more

VIOLENCE , POLICE – Piece of police knife in Egersund

[ad_1] promotion with ad links Two policemen in Egersund stayed at night to pass a piece of knife in the center of Egersund. They came from the incident with minor injuries. The event took place at 1.25 on the open street in the city center of Egersund. – The suspect should have contacted a police … Read more

House in Tana, totally in a fire

[ad_1] Police were notified of the fire at 4:41 pm Saturday night. Two people are homeless after the fire. "A man and a woman lived in the house with a dog," says operations manager Gunnar Øvergaard of the Finnmark police district at NTB. The woman is being investigated for the impact of the smoke from … Read more

POLICE , KRIM – Dog trainer found dead

[ad_1] promotion with ad links A dog tanner in the 1920s who was reported missing in the Juluss Valley on the night of Elverum until Thursday was found dead. The man who was off with an ATV and 13 dogs pulled was reported missing at 3:44 pm Thursday night. Police began searches along the road … Read more

National Theater Station evacuated

[ad_1] shopping with ad links The fire alarm goes to the National Theater station and the station is evacuated. the case updated. He informs the police on Twitter Tuesday night. Smoke should be smoked in the area. – Emergency data is on the way, if there is a smell in the station area. The fire … Read more

BMI , OBESITY The heaviest comes from the village

[ad_1] trip with ad links Finnmark has the heaviest soldiers, while Oslo is the easiest. However, the experience of the Armed Forces that many with high BMI are still in good shape. New research shows the increase in BMI among young people in the session, reports NRK. The results are presented in a new report … Read more