Falkenbergare får böter – för ekobrott – Nyheter i Falkenberg – 24 timmar om dygnet

[ad_1] In person i Falkenberg har blivit dömd för bokföringsbrott enligt Ekobrottsmyndigheten. Personen har inte avslutat ett bolags löpande bokföring med årsredovisning, som är bolagets skyldighet enligt Ekobrottsmyndigheten. Bolagets ekonomiska resultat har därför inte kunnat bedömas. Påföljden blir totalt 4000 kronor i dagsböter. Har du ett nyhetstips? Tipsa redaktionen genom att klicka här. EkobrottsmyndighetenFalkenberg Viktoria … Read more

Medicine helps young people manage peanuts

[ad_1] "I think it is very good that the treatment can be approved in the future," says Göran Wennergren, a child allergist at Drottning Silvia Children's Hospital in Göteborg, told the newspaper. "It's exciting results that increase the image of inducing tolerance in some patients. It is known beforehand that patients with peanut allergy may … Read more

New study: Yoga reduces anxiety among innocent people

[ad_1] Sara Torstensson, psychiatric nurse in outpatient psychiatric care Skaraborg Mariestad Hospital and colleague Petter Malmström, psychiatric nurse in psychosocial care Skaraborg Hospital Falköping has written a scientific article that has received international attention since being adopted by the British Guardian. The article is about the research work they participated in during their specialization in … Read more

Cell treatment reported by IVO – Uppsala – UNT.se

[ad_1] Alexander Ekström 19:00 | 2018/11/13 The Academic Hospital oncology erred that the patient in question did not have enough blood cells to continue the planned treatment. According to Lex Maria's announcement, low blood levels and reduced immune response resulted in the patient being affected by blood poisoning. After worsening, the patient later dies suddenly … Read more

Accommodation lex Maria is notified of missing tiles

[ad_1] Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad / TT An accommodation in Enköping is informed to the Inspetorate for Care and Care. Stock Photography. An elderly man in a distinguished dwelling in Enköping died, probably because the staff missed him from shingles, writes Enköpings Posten. The male's general condition had deteriorated, but a nurse made the assessment that … Read more

Few children are born in rich countries to maintain population size

[ad_1] "All social planning is based on population size but also on age structure, and that fundamentally changes in a way that we still do not understand," said George Leeson, CEO of the Oxford Institute of Aging Population to the BBC. The Institute of Measurement and Health Assessment (IHME) at the University of Washington, Seattle, … Read more