World Women's Entrepreneurship Day: every third company in Poland takes on a woman – Economy

[ad_1] This year, the "SME Partner Area" will try with many attractions – including an LED fuel motor, a neurological examination table for children and even … a cryochamber for the treatment of diabetic foot. Why is the 590 prefix important for the Polish economy? Explain the organizer # Kongres590 @LukaszOprawski – Congress 590 … Read more

Jan Singer, CEO of Victoria's Secret, leaves the company after the marketing chief's speech

[ad_1] Information on Jan Singer's resignation from the CEO's Secret Victory function was given by Blommberg. According to the website, Jan Singer's decision was to be interviewed by "Vogue" magazine Ed Razek, the company's marketing director, who also takes part in the work of the costume design team for the brand's fashion shows. He went … Read more

Solidarity Danina of January. The beloved will pay higher taxes

[ad_1] "The Act creates a Solidarity Fund for the Support of Persons with Disabilities whose purpose is to provide social, occupational or health support for persons with disabilities." The Solidarity Fund for Persons with Disabilities is a Fund that fulfills the tasks set out in the Law, separate from other specific funds. new tasks and … Read more

Will Ziobro present the "keys to debt" principle? – Finance – currencies and currency quotes, stock exchange, WSE, commodities

[ad_1] Experts – while evaluating the ministerial concept differently – concede that the planned law, if it goes into effect, will be the most important change for borrowers adopted in the current Sejm mandate. The act is to apply to all borrowers – also "zlotys". Simply put, the current situation means that most franchisees will … Read more

The Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce and simplify VAT rates

[ad_1] On the Finance Ministry website yesterday there was a statement announcing proposals for changes to the VAT Act, reducing VAT rates for certain goods, as well as simplifying the system of tax rates. According to Minister Teresa Czerwińska, the resort will propose a reduction of VAT for bread, citrus fruits, baby products, children and … Read more