The bad moment of Mica Viciconte: collided with a motorcyclist and the police kidnapped the car

[ad_1] Mica Viciconte He experienced a moment of great tension this Monday afternoon after his rehearsal at the La Corte studios before his next performance at the Dancing. The young woman hit your car for a motorcycle: she and the other driver they are wellAlthough he suffered an ankle injury. According Marina Calabró in The … Read more

The Walking Dead: Tell Your Last Victim

[ad_1] MADRID The first part of the ninth season of The Walking Dead ended with the unexpected death of one of its protagonists in the hands of The Whisperer. A scene that surprised the actor who plays the deceased character who, far from abandoning fiction definitively, will reappear to solve the mystery of the scars … Read more

The issues that defined the NBL finalists

[ad_1] But before knowing the names of the three finalists, the five semi-finalists faced the toughest challenge of the competition. One by one, they introduced themselves to answer the questions of women wondering what the next major Hispanic television network communicator in the United States thinks. Ceylin This is the opinion of the Dominican over … Read more

The great Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci died

[ad_1] Born in Parma, northeastern Italy, in 1941, Bertolucci also made films of high political and historical content, such as "Novecento"(1976), which traces the history of class struggles in the rich Po valley through the fate of two childhood friends in the early twentieth century. [ad_2] Source link

Video: Norkys Batista of Spain shoots Angie Perez again | In the gossip

[ad_1] Archive This monday Norkys Batista She arrived in Spain with her future husband, Javier Diaz, and his team to start a new tour of shows that will be presented in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Porto, Valencia and Tenerife. The Venezuelan actress has always kept her followers informed, through her account in the social network Instagram, … Read more