Central banks should consider Cryptomomania emissions

[ad_1] Central banks should think about the issue of digital currencies as we are in a time when money is changing, believes Christine Lagard, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Lagarda on Wednesday (November 14) spoke with a speech at the Singapore Fintech Festival. She highlighted the volatile nature of money and pointed out … Read more

They are looking for computer science. The Union will feel even more homesick | companies

[ad_1] Two million IT experts will be missing in the European Union for two years. This despite the fact that this area is one of the best evaluated in the labor market, including Slovakia. According to the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the average monthly salary in the field of information and communication technologies … Read more

PC Review | 4G network in Slovakia celebrates its fifth anniversary – Telekom has accelerated twelve times

[ad_1] On Thursday, November 15, 2018, exactly five years have passed since the beginning of the first 4G commercial network in Slovakia. Throughout the period, it was possible to significantly improve all parameters of the network, to reach where the mobile Internet has not yet reached several miles in Slovakia. 2013: 4G Network Unexpectedly Starts … Read more

Domicílios Verdes II: SIEA opted to register equipment to continue the project

[ad_1] The Casa Verde project continues next year. The SIEA has published the conditions to register facilities that will be supported. Check-in is open from noon. Learn how to register your device. Although the Green House pilot project ends this year, households can apply for subsidies for renewable energy (RES) facilities. The Slovak Agency for … Read more

Nikola Tre – Hydrogen Response to Tesla Semi

[ad_1] Michal Biznár, November 08, 2018, 07:08Updated: November 08, 2018, 2:05 PM Ecological mobility does not develop only between ordinary cars, but also in the sphere of trucks. After Tesla Semi, the Norwegian company Nikola Tre reported a hydrogen truck. Nikola Motor Company is a Norwegian company that has been working longer on hydrogen trucks. … Read more

The Slovak Fund bought a majority stake in the gas giant

[ad_1] Slovakia-UK investment fund IPM, headquartered in Bratislava at the end of October, has completed the purchase of a majority stake in the French mandate for the importation of liquefied gas (LNG), manchikoni.com reported. Terminal in Dunkirk in the north of France is a of the largest European terminals, providing 20% demand in France and … Read more

Škoda will build a new plant outside the Czech Republic

[ad_1] As a potential site for the new plant, Bulgaria and Turkey are mentioned in particular. November 5, 2018 at 9:05 pm TASR MLADÁ BOLESLAV. Volkswagen plans to build a new factory for its Škoda brand. But he need not stay in the Czech Republic, but in Bulgaria or Turkey, said the German Handelsblatt. According … Read more