South Africa: Cape Town promises US $ 1 billion investment in South Sudan oil

[ad_1] South Africa and South Sudan signed a framework agreement on Friday that predicts that Pretoria will invest $ 1 billion (880 million euros) in the troubled oil industry in the world's youngest country. The negotiations will be conducted to define the precise structure of this agreement between two state-owned companies, the South African Central … Read more

Mort numérique ou éternité virtuelle: who deviennent us données après la mort?

[ad_1] The confidentialité des données au balbutiement du réseau mondial a très vite laissez-faire à l'ouest totale consacrant ainsi le principe du «Open Access» which is the basis of the democratization of the rights and obligations contained in the Act. L'explosion d'Internet et des réseaux sociaux en ellement quelques années a consacré des mutations profondes … Read more

RAM calls for liberalization of African skies

[ad_1] The high mass of African airlines, meeting in theAFRAA (Association of African Airlines) is in full swing in Rabat. The meeting, which marks the association's 50th annual general meeting, aims to bring together all stakeholders in the continent's air transportation to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities in the industry. Today, despite its large population, … Read more

EDF Press Africa devole les lauréats de son concours 2018

[ad_1] PARIS, France, France, France, France, Germany, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United States, respectively, the European Commission and the European Commission (hereinafter referred to as the ' nigérian SOLARCREED (Catégorie Production électrique off-grid) dont le 3and prix est ex-aequo avec le projet rwandais WATER ACCESS RWANDA (catégorie Accès à l'eau). 'Les quatre lauréats … Read more

Finances: the designated Atlantic Bank, "Best Bank of the Ivory Coast"

[ad_1] According to an information note from this institution sent Sunday to the APA, this "unprecedented project" aims to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership between the group and the most promising start-ups. "The BCP group is undergoing a real transformation aimed at optimizing the customer experience in which digital plays an important role. … Read more

CARREFOUR will sell products online in Africa through the Jumia platform

[ad_1] (AOF) – Carrefour announces a partnership between two of its international partners, Majid Al Futtaim and CFAO Retail, and Jumia, an e-commerce specialist on the African continent. This partnership will market its product lines via Market Place Jumia in four African countries: Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Kenya. "Thanks to this new partnership, Carrefour … Read more

Mort numérique ou éternité virtuelle: who deviennent us données après la mort? (by Mor Ndiaye Mbaye)

[ad_1] Le développement fulgurant des technologies de l'information et de la communication marqué par l'avènement d'outils de plus en plus performants relativement bon marché, des réseaux haut débit de grande disponibilité et des taux de pénétration in constant croissance ont fini d'incruster pour de bon l'usage du numérique dans nos vies quotidiennes. The confidentialité des … Read more

Chinese phone Huawei accused of espionage

[ad_1] Every morning, Nicolas Barré takes stock of a current economic issue. Should we ban Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and telecommunications equipment? The United States is pushing for this and France is thinking. For one simple reason: Huawei is suspected of espionage on behalf of the Chinese authorities. And what worries Western countries … Read more