Napston launches 100% automated encrypted trading platform based on neural networks | CryptoNews

[ad_1] O negotiation The cryptomoeda is poised to be safer and more profitable than ever before with the recent launch of a fully automated encrypted trading platform by Napston. This innovative negotiation It is based on a patented technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks, which has been programmed to accurately predict the market using the … Read more

They launch in Chile an artificial intelligence designed to improve productivity

[ad_1] Infor Development Coleman Digital Assistant is a solution designed to maximize the potential of human work, allowing the natural use of language Infor, a developer of software for cloud platforms, today announced the launch of Coleman Digital Assistant, a solution designed to help maximize the potential of human work by enabling natural language use … Read more

SMV warns about the acquisition and promotion of cryptononedas in Peru | Contact Us | Markets

[ad_1] The Superintendency of the Securities Market (SMV) warned about the ways in which they advertise to raise funds with the objective of financing projects and activities, through the sale of virtual currencies or cryptones or through schemes known internationally as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). In that sense, he stressed that there is no specific … Read more

Data Rewards: How the system works that seeks to "reward" users by displaying advertising

[ad_1] In today's world, having data has become a staple. Hyperconnection through cell phones is a fact: news is read, emails are sent, videos are played, information is sought and many other things. According to Google Barometer Consumer, more than 50% of people connect to the Internet through mobile telephony and each person has an … Read more

They denounce that airlines use an algorithm to separate families in the cabin and charge more: this is how it works | Technology

[ad_1] Low-cost airlines in the UK are being investigated by the government because of the alleged use of an algorithm to separate people traveling together in the cabin. The purpose? Load more if you want to sit together. According to Yahoo's news site, the UK's digital industry minister, Margot James, said that the system "would … Read more