Closed stores fight for people on the Internet

[ad_1] Stores with clothes, shoes, sports equipment or bookstores had to close. These companies can now only issue goods that people order over the Internet from their premises. With the closing of stores, people threw themselves into e-shops. And not just for the biggest online players like or, but also for specific sellers. … Read more

Van de Beek shouldn’t go to United, says Van Basten

[ad_1] Donny van de Beek has long been associated with leaving Ajax. This summer, he said goodbye to the Amsterdam club and chose Manchester United among the options offered. The Dutch midfielder’s move was immediately criticized and the votes are still being accepted … Van de Beek celebrated his 23rd birthday in April and, although … Read more

NASA called an extraordinary conference. Reveals the discovery of the mission by the mission, which takes people to the surface of Msce

[ad_1] In five years, the first mission of the Artemis program, which aims to shake people up for the master’s degree, will begin. As with Apollo, the first mission will not be manned. Author: NASA After a long time, American NASA called a large press conference to announce a major discovery about Msce. From the … Read more

What foods help to ward off anxiety?

[ad_1] Movement and staying outdoors help to combat sadness and moodiness. However, if you have to complete it with a veil and for fear of infection, the positive effect will diminish. In order not to follow the autumn clouds, focus mainly on this year’s menu. Salmon, seeds, nuts If you are prone to anxiety and … Read more