The sweet smell of cake! LG G7 One the first handset brand to receive the Android 9.0 Foot

[ad_1] Officially launched last August by Google, Android 9.0 Pie already equips the most diverse devices of the most diverse brands. Companies like Sony, Xiaomi, Motorola and even, who would say, Samsung and Huawei already have handsets with the latest version of the system installed or at least very advanced testing programs for a brief … Read more

Time to change the Instagram password. Failure left exposed

[ad_1] Security flaws affect users and cause their data to be exposed and can lead to greater losses. As a rule, everything stems from service failures, which are quickly fixed. The latest security breach appears to have originated in Instagram and has caused users' passwords to have been exposed. The impact seems to have been … Read more

Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Analyze

[ad_1] Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! IGN Portugal Analysis Pokémon Let's Go: How to get Mew? Has arrived! Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee wins receive video of launch betting on nostalgia Nintendo bets on new Pokémon to increase sales of Switch UOL Full coverage [ad_2] Source link

Fortnite: Patch Notes 6.30 and Food War

[ad_1] The 6.30 update of Fortnite brings the long-awaited war of food trailers. The limited time mode of Food War presents a new way of playing Fortnite. Players will represent the Pizza Pit or Durrr Burger team to protect their own mascots from the restaurant, Tomato Head and Durrr Burger. The two teams will be … Read more

Chinese startup launches world's first foldable smartphone

[ad_1] Startup announced the handset days days before the launch of the Samsung foldable smartphone, scheduled for this Wednesday, 7 Startup Royole introduced last weekend the first foldable smartphone on the market. Called FlexPai, the handset was announced days before the release of the Samsung foldable smartphone, scheduled for Wednesday, 7. The phone will be … Read more