Die Space Telescope What More Worlds Found

[ad_1] Although in 1995, when the first extra-solar planet was confirmed around a star, as of 2009, with the arrival of the Kepler telescope, the discoveries skyrocketed. In his mission, he allowed the confirmation of 2,681 worlds, while about 2,900 awaited confirmation. Kepler will not look for more planets. After nine years of work, he … Read more

Fortnite: Little Kevin's challenges are now available and you can complete them | video | real battle | Permeable well | PS4 | Xbox One | Video games

[ad_1] The explosion of the purple cube, whose official name is Kevin, was a big event at Fortnite, and is that thousands of users of Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and cell phones witnessed the destruction of the structure, which gave rise to Well permeable and the new challenges of Little kevin. The famous … Read more

Meet the world's first foldable cell phone

[ad_1] In the end, and despite everything pointed out to Samsung or Huawei being the first handset manufacturers to offer a folding screen, the Chinese company Royole tipped and launched the FlexPai. It's a lightweight, ultra-thin, tablet-sized device with a 7.8-inch screen that's folded in half and stays the size of a notebook. The phone … Read more

A motorcycle patrol hit a cyclist and left him serious | Diário de Cuyo

[ad_1] A 69-year-old cyclist entered the hospital in Pocito with heavy blows after being attacked by a motorized patrol in which money from the Regional de la Rinconada was mobilized. With regard to police personnel, everything happened after noon on the outskirts of 15th Street and Mendoza, Pocito, when for unknown reasons, the accident occurred. … Read more

New Neuquen dinosaurs were discovered

[ad_1] The Spanish and Argentine paleontologists team found three copies of a new dinosaur species 110 million years ago in the Neuquen province, which was then a desert area. It is an adult specimen and two youngsters of the new species of dinosaurs that they named Lavocatisaurus agrioensis. The results of the Acta Palaeontologica Polonica … Read more