Minute by Minute: I followed the arrival of Mars from the NASA Insight spacecraft live on 11/26/2018

[ad_1] As with Curiosity in 2012, NASA engineers will once again revive the so-called "seven minutes of terror" with the InSight spacecraft. This is the most delicate moment of the mission, since it will have to cross the Martian atmosphere at almost 20,000 kilometers per hour and in that time, reduce its speed to only … Read more

As is InSight, the "mole" that will explore the interior of Mars – 11/26/2018

[ad_1] The "mole of Mars", as the researchers call it InSight, traveled 485 million kilometers to reach the red planet on Monday. He will have the mission ofInvestigate the Martian interior; to investigate the composition of the soil and the processes that develop under its surface. It will also measure the temperatures and conductivity of … Read more