Delayed flights to Aeroparque with trade union strength

[ad_1] The flights to Jorge Newbery airport park will be postponed today by units carried out by the Argentine Alliance (AAA) air crew, "decommitment, dismissal and union persecution". In this framework, in a statement, the EU warned that "the overall situation of the aviation sector is currently very sensitive and worrying". "Our sector is undergoing … Read more

Let Earth be the one who works for Mobilization …

[ad_1] At the entrance to the courts, the Argentine agrarian federation and the social organizations it was claimed that the District Chambers of Rosario confirmed the first instance verdict and avoided the eviction of the Bigand Foundation on a land that has been working for three generations by the Marinucci family. "This fight is not … Read more

Search for ARA San Juan

[ad_1] Ministry of Defense has started negotiations with Ocean Infinity to meet 120 Day Expectations by searching the submarine ARA San Juan , which has not yet yielded results. The Seabed Constructor, which runs the plant since September 7, operated AUV (autonomous underwater vehicles) and ROV (remote operation) yesterday, entering the Comodoro Rivadavia harbor to … Read more

María Eugenia Vidal with Macro has reduced tension and has been given jobs for millions of pesos but still worried

[ad_1] María Eugenia Vidal shared last week Mauricio Macri and Marcos Peña's reserved lunch to relieve the tensions. Then came the Wednesday meeting in Trenque Lauquen, in which the President and the Governor smiled and was a melody. And finally, Vidal and his officials from Casa Rosada yesterday received the promise that Buenos Aires will … Read more

A medical meeting is held on a man's porch to death

[ad_1] Source: Archive A 40-year-old man died last Tuesday while practicing a crossfit in a gym near his Florida neighborhood, Vicente López. When he began to feel bad and he crashed. No response to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers. Alexis Valencic was a food business owner and father of three children. Vicente López Prosecutor Martín Gómez … Read more

Gallardo's challenge before Conmebol: is the end justifying the tools?

[ad_1] Another chapter of the present Libertadores Cup again excited about South American football. This time Porto Alegre céh, a club that will be defeated river in the global semifinals protested against the discipline of the South American Football Association (CONMEBOL) for failure to suspend the DT Marcelo Gallardo. Chairman of Gremio, Romildo Bolzan He … Read more