Three court judges agreed to …

[ad_1] Unless one of its members changes their mind at the last minute, The Supreme Federal Court is preparing to sign a decision that will say that judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi cannot occupy a place in the Federal Chamber forever in the way that the government of Mauricio Macri handpicked them.. The high … Read more

They say there is no reason to devalue, but they warn of the level of reserves

[ad_1] According to the consultancy, although “parallel dollars have no significant impact on inflation, in addition to some specific goods that can be imported with their own dollars, they increase the perception that exchange rate official is cheap, inviting those who can buy foreign currency ”. Ecolatina also indicated in its report that the exchange … Read more

Is Union-Arsenal suspended? – Ole

[ad_1] The Professional League Cup has just started and may already have its first asterisk. The Santa Fé Ministry of Security decided to suspend the meeting between União and Arsenal, scheduled for this Sunday at 2 pm, because the Tatengue club does not comply with “decree 0049/2020 that regulates the additional police service”, according to … Read more

NASA protects sample of asteroid Bennu to send home on Earth

[ad_1] The spacecraft’s sampling arm, called the Touch-And-Go Sample Acquisition Mechanism, over the target sampling site during a general rehearsal in April. NASA From NASA asteroid hunter Osiris-Rex completed an important part of its mission last week, managing to pick up rocks from the surface of the potentially dangerous space rock Bennu. The sample was … Read more

Tinder has unlocked video calls for all its users

[ad_1] Today 8:30 PM – The video call feature is now available to Tinder users worldwide. This is a feature that the company has tested in some countries and is now available to all users. Since Tuesday, Tinder members can meet via video call, a function reserved for ‘games’, when both decide. The company explains … Read more

recent study that includes supplier profiles, latest improvements, emerging opportunities and forecasts –

[ad_1] ?? Will the Final Report add to the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry ??The Sports Medicine Market Report provides an overview of the industry, consisting of definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. ?? Global Sports Medicine Market ?? report of specialized and careful research on the current market situation. … Read more

Justice ordered debt in dollars to exchange “solidarity”

[ad_1] Dollar debts, the look of justice (REUTERS) The consequences of the loss of the value of our currency are beginning to be “felt” in the courts. With a “parallel” dollar flying high and an official dollar ironed, the commercial justice of the capital understood in a cause (which has certain peculiarities) that the debt … Read more

Lizy Taglini took the tweezers to shave in front of her boyfriend and the complaint came to her: “I shouldn’t have to see these things”

[ad_1] Lizy Tagliani made a difference once again and posted a fun video in which she is the protagonist with her boyfriend Leo Alturria, and where it shows the couple’s intimacy. You have acquired a lot of confidence, you with me. I shouldn’t because I look at these things, I ”, someone hears himself saying … Read more

Mitsubishi MRJ / SpaceJet: Chronicle of a predicted death

[ad_1] Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is considering drastically reducing staff and budgets related to the development of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet, formerly known as Mitsubishi Regional Jet, Japan’s first nationally manufactured passenger jet, effectively freezing the operation amid falling demand. caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, according to sources close to the subject. Its initial delivery to … Read more