Unstoppable Agonies Hello Brasov

[ad_1] FOOTBALL – LIGA IV, BRAFEV Author: Dan NEACŞA Posted in November 19, 2018 Olimpic Zarnesti won the derby with Inter Cristian on the pitch, 1-0, in the last leg of the fourth round of the Liga Brasov.The goldsmiths finished the fall season with 12 wins and a single defeat, ranking first with 36 points.The … Read more

Founder of Amazon, unexpected statements about your company!

[ad_1] Amazon goes bankrupt! Even the founder of the company said this unexpectedly! Jeff Bezos, the "father" Amazon, in an administrative meeting last week, confessed that its business may fall at any moment. He even claimed that:"Amazon is not too big to fall … In fact, I foresee that someday Amazon will fail". It looks … Read more

PSA can close one of Vauxhall's factories in …

[ad_1] The PSA Group could close one of Britain's two Vauxhall plants as a result of the effects of Brexit, but also under the Opel / Vauxhall Restructuring process. Opel / Vauxhall could run out of one of the factories if PSA bosses, two German and British brands last year, think two are too many, … Read more

DIGI, declining profits | Energy Focus

[ad_1] Digi Communications NV Group posted net income of € 18.9 million in the first nine months of the year, 2.3 times less than in January-September 2017, when it stood at € 44.2 million. The group also reported a 9.9% revenue increase in the first nine months of the year, from EUR 684.1 million to … Read more

Discounts up to 70% over the weekend at Palas Mall and Iulius Mall Iasi | IasiFun

[ad_1] And you are fashion enthusiasts, shopping and discounts? Prepare your wardrobe for Black Friday! This weekend, the stores Palas and Iulius Mall have discounts that reach 70%. All you need to do is enjoy the extended purchases and choose your favorite pieces to complement your seasonal wear. Go to www.palasmall.ro and www.iuliusmall.com/iasi and see … Read more

Artrom Slatina, net profit nearly doubled to 9 months

[ad_1] The tube maker of TMK Artrom increased its business by more than a third in the first three quarters and, in this context, the company gained almost double the 48 million lei. TMK Artrom (ART), a portfolio company of Russian group TMK, controlled by billionaire Dmitri Pumpianski, achieved total revenues of 1.07 billion lei … Read more

Dark forecast for Turkey – Moody's warns against a significant contraction in the economy

[ad_1] Turkey and Argentina will experience a significant contraction in coming quarters, with growth rates slowing in the advanced and emerging economies, Moody's Investors Service said in a report released on Thursday, Agerpres told Bloomberg. As the monetary tightening in major economies and global trade disputes will continue to undermine global investment, Moody's has taken … Read more

Investors are at a crossroads

[ad_1] Investors are at a crossroads, as evidenced by recent developments in financial markets, Florin Dolea, CEO of Amundi Asset Management Romania, told a news conference yesterday. He said: "We think we are at a crossroads. This shows the developments in recent financial markets that come after a period of sustained global economic growth." A … Read more