2 Professor accused of having sex with … Democratic Party "Immediately"

[ad_1] 2 Professor accused of having sex with … Democratic Party "Immediately" Hankyoreh About 70 titular judges … The controversy surrounding the target of impeachment seems to be booming. Kim Myung-soo, president of the Supreme Court, refraining from … "Let's collect wisdom" JoongAng Ilbo 114 judges of national judges, requesting impeachment of superintendent Total coverage … Read more

Seongwon won "Please apply for rice seedlings next year"

[ad_1] National seed brand. Seed source provided [세종=이데일리 김형욱 기자] The National Institute of Agriculture, Forestry, and Livestock Food and Nutrition announced on May 19 that it will receive seed application of rice next spring at the agricultural technology center of the county and the center of the country between December 26 and 21. 23 … Read more

Trump: "North Korea's decision was the most difficult"

[ad_1] US President Donald Trump says he believes he has made a real decision on where to go in terms of North Korea. At the same time, I was very pleased with the direction I'm heading now. Lee Yeon-chul reports. President Trump said it was the most difficult to determine the North Korean question. Trump, … Read more

[사진] Today … Please check the errat for the first language

[ad_1] Today's Admission Test … 1 language On the afternoon of the 14th, Daegu JungHwa High School students are gathering in the auditorium and shouting fights. On day 15, 1190 test sites across the country, about 590,000 examined do the test. On the other hand, this year's SAT was the first time it revealed errors … Read more

US, Yemen not refueling allied planes

[ad_1] USA, Yemen Not all allied planes refueled money today US and Saudi fighter jets are refueled in Yemen … Probable air crash (general) Yonhap News US suspends refueling of Saudi allied fighters in Yemen Total coverage [ad_2] Source link

Diplomacy: Politics: News: Hankyoreh

[ad_1] After the midterm election, now the presidential election mode In the context of the annulment of the Iranian nuclear North Korea Required Card for Diplomacy North American summit to be held early next year Impact of the foreign policy of the Democratic Chamber of Representatives Limited Criticizing the North Korean Nuclear Issue President Donald … Read more

7 Seoul to strengthen South Korea's aid to … Restrictions on the operation of diesel cars with more than 2.5 tons

[ad_1] 7 Seoul to strengthen South Korea's aid to … Restricted operation of old vehicles with more than 2.5 tons of money today We need the professional goods to lead the whole market of a gay color. Administrative · Public institution vehicle 2 JTBC subtitles [속보] Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi … Vehicle 2 Subtitles Joongang Daily … Read more