2nd Zodch Singles Badminton Contest

[ad_1] The second 2018 Jamsut – Badminton Korea Won Onwon (1on1) Faster Stronger & # 39; came to an end. Jamestown – Badminton Korea The individual tournament is the fastest badminton competition sponsored by a professional sports guard Jamst, organized by Badminton Korea, a professional badminton magazine. It is the first fast food competition in … Read more

Ahn Seon-ju confirms cash prize for the 2018 season

[ad_1] 4 days ago A Sunjoo (capturing Facebook LPGA). © News1 Ahn Seon-ju (31) has confirmed the cash prize winner of the 2018 Japan Women's Golf Tour (JLPGA) tour. Ahn Seon-ju was tied for 27th place on the JLPGA Daio Paper-the Air Ladies Open (total prize money of 100 million yen) which ended at Matsuyama-shi, … Read more

Rice sheets for finishing camp

[ad_1] SK Lee Kyung-yeop, the director, is preparing the retirement gift of Lee Seung-yeop in the literary magazine of Samsung Securities on January 1. 2017.09.01. Sports Seoul [스포츠서울 이웅희기자] It's the final camp now. SK Yong Kyung-yeop and KT Lee Kang-chul, the new coach, go to the team's finishing line as soon as the ceremony … Read more

No gold shock trail

[ad_1] Noh Gold Shock Track Seoul Newspaper The shortest Korean track in the world, the first round of the World Cup Short Track & Field Team In Gold & # 39; … The strongest self-esteem in the world I was playing with … Korean Short Track World Championships In Gold & # 39; Sumo Culture … Read more