NASA Inha and NASA Solar Sailing Probe

[ad_1] Professor of the International Joint Research Center IST-Schematic Space Exploration, discussing the main technologies, including the NASA solar sail probe Inha University is stimulating a joint research with NASA NASA of NASA. <! – -> Professor at NASA's Langley Research Center visited NASA's Langley Research Center earlier this month to study Solar Sail It … Read more

Inha University, NASA and NASA Stimulate Public Research – Kookmin Ilbo

[ad_1] Researchers at the IST-NASA International Space Exploration Center recently visited the Nasa Langley Institute to take a commemorative photo. Inha University Inha University is stimulating a joint research with NASA NASA of NASA. Professor at the Space Science and Technology Institute (IST) – NASA's Langley Research Center visited Solar Sail earlier this month, said … Read more

[지스타 2018] The game monitor is BenQ,

[ad_1] The BenQ monitor, which is a representative product of the gaming monitor and loved by many players, was also available on the G-Star 2018. Especially after last year, I was able to see BenQ's monitor at the booth, which is most popular for visitors. Basically, the main event event monitors were the BenQ ZOWIE … Read more

The universe is echoing and shaking – Kookmin Ilbo

[ad_1] This anecdote appears in Cosmic Connections, the first book of mass science published by the astronomer Carl Sagan (1934-1996). He was dining with a publications planner and a Polynesian restaurant in Boston, USA. "You will soon be asked to decipher important messages." Could it be a coincidence? In fact, he became a bestseller for … Read more

Harvard scientists argue that the alien celestial body "Omuamaa," which entered the solar system, may be a spaceship.

[ad_1] dottedhippo via Getty Images A study of a large, elongated rocky object "Omuamaa" flying in the solar system with "strange acceleration" could be the alien spacecraft. In an article published Nov. 12 by two Harvard scientists in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, Omuumua argued that "extraterrestrial civilization may be a probe that works well and … Read more

"This is the spirit of Haas Stone" Haas Stone, exceeding 100 million users worldwide

[ad_1] [게임플] Blizzard Entertainment today announced that Haas Stone, the company's first-ever smart card and digital card game, has surpassed 100 million players worldwide. Haastone is the first game in the world in 2014, based on the worldview of Warcraft, with everything from animation effects to the unique ambassadors of the heroic character. J. Allen … Read more