Huawei is producing the glasses of reality originated …- 704246 | Kaler Kantho

[ad_1] Huawei, a Chinese company, has been dealing with smart glasses of advanced technology or AR technology. In the next two years, the product will be available in the market. Through technology, users will see a real-world scene as a virtual three-dimensional image. AR technology is fast becoming popular in games and movies. Huawei has … Read more

Flip phone price is more than 9!

[ad_1] Newsweek November 10, 018, 18:29:22 Dhaka: Samsung unveiled the WW190 flip phone at an event in China. It is the successor to the flip phone flagship WP2018 unveiled last December. There is a 4×2 inch Amode screen on the side of the phone. External display resolution 1920 by 1080 pixels. Corning Gorilla Glass was … Read more

Best 5 smartphone market

[ad_1] According to IDC, in the third quarter of this year 355 million units of smartphones were sold. It turned out that smartphone sales fell about 6% last year. According to the third quarter of this year, meet the top 5 smartphone vendors: "Samsung Galaxy Note 9" Samsung Galaxy Note 9 "itemprop =" image "data-jadewitsmedia … Read more

Here is the Android camera

[ad_1] DSLR or digital single lens reflex cameras were well known to us for taking pictures. However, the demand and popularity of the Mirrorless camera far outweighed the DSLR. However, this is the last camera with Android camera. Canon can be used on all types of lenses. The camera was created by the Chinese manufacturer … Read more

The battery life of the newfone model is Doc -Deshebideshe

[ad_1] While the smartphone is becoming more attractive features. A variety of advanced features, including professional-quality cameras, facial recognition technology, end-to-end displays, are seen on smartphones. While upgraded to high-tech features each year, the battery life of the smartphone still may not reach the expected level of many. A new Washington Post study found that … Read more

How to get deleted data on Android Phone –Deshebideshe

[ad_1] We often accidentally delete multiple photos, videos, or audio files from the phone. Especially the photos Often the memory card is formatted incorrectly. Lose yourself from the smartphone, with many important information, necessary images. But do not delay, knowing that deleted data from Android phone are about the recovery process. The first thing to … Read more