Develop a vaccine against smoking. A needle to take off

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A sugary substance in cranberries can help fight cancer cells

[ad_1] BBC Posted in: Thursday, November 22, 2018 – 13:29 | Last update: Thursday, November 22, 2018 – 13:29 Researchers have been able to slow the development of some types of cancer cells in mice and increase the effect of treatments used to eliminate the disease using a dietary supplement of diabetes found in some … Read more

Foods that damage heart health.

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Magic Foods Fight Osteoporosis

[ad_1] Oats Oats usually provide a wide range of essential ingredients to improve bone health, but avoid oats or that is kept in cans for long periods of time. Lemon Alkaline materials available in the lime support bone structure, including vitamin C, which helps the body to absorb calcium. Cabbage Cabbage is characterized by high … Read more

A new shoe insole can treat diabetic foot ulcers

[ad_1] New York – One Posted in: Monday, November 19, 2018 – 01:07 | Last update: Monday, November 19, 2018 – 01:07 Researchers have developed a shoe that can help speed the healing process of people with ulcers caused by diabetes. Sugar sores usually produce high blood sugar and nerve damage that removes the sensation … Read more

3 cups of coffee a day protects you from diabetes

[ad_1] NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Eating three cups of coffee a day helps fight the second most common type of diabetes, afflicting people at the end of their lives, often linked to genetic causes, according to a recent Swedish study. The study, conducted by the Institute "Koralinska" Sweden that those who drink coffee on … Read more

Cup of tea damaged in your body after lunch?

[ad_1] Cup of tea damaged in your body after lunch? Cup of tea damaged in your body after lunch? Letter from Mersal Neur We publish the cup of damaged tea in your body after lunch ?, cup of tea damaged in your body after lunch? We publish to you our new news today through our … Read more

Study finds new benefits of fish oil and vitamin D

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (Reuters) | Since Two minutes on November 19, 2018 – Last update on November 18, 2018 / 22:27 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Eating omega-3 rich in oil may drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks and vitamin D benefits appear to reduce the risk of death from cancer, according to a US study on … Read more

The benefits of white beans include cancer prevention

[ad_1] Thanks for reading the news about the benefits of white beans, including cancer prevention and now with the details of the news Cairo – by Mohamed Salah – White beans contain important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and other elements that help regulate blood sugar, improve heart health, reduce iron deficiency, prevent cancer, prevent … Read more

There is no connection between insomnia and premature death

[ad_1] NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – There is no link between insomnia and premature death, according to a new report, published in the journal Sleep Medicine. Scientists have reviewed 17 studies, including nearly 37 million people, to collect their findings, according to the BBC. The report contradicts the findings of the National Health Service in … Read more