The number of patients with acute respiratory disease in the area increased 7-fold in one week

[ad_1] November 11, 2018 | 12:07 | FOCUS News Agency Photo: FOCUS Information Agency Varna. The number of patients with acute respiratory disease in the area this week increased 7-fold compared to the previous one. This was announced FOCUS Radio – Varna of the Regional Health Inspection (RHI). In the period November 2-8, 198 people … Read more

The Tomtop Internet Store offers interesting electronics at discounted prices

[ad_1] The Tomtop e-shop offers extremely interesting electronic devices at very reasonable prices. There is an electric bike, a robotic vacuum cleaner, a gym bracelet, a headset, a microSD card and a TV accessory. 1The electric bicycle XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z The XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z folding electric bike is made of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum … Read more

16-year-old has to go to restore his health after smoking cessation

[ad_1] Ex-smokers will need 16 years to normalize their health. This is evidenced by data from the Fremingham, Medical Express and BGNews reported. Experts analyzed the health status of 8,700 volunteers. All participants at the beginning of the observations were without cardiovascular disease. On average, the volunteers were investigated for 27 years. Researchers have compared … Read more

Diet according to the figure

[ad_1] The shape of our body affects not only the appearance and speed with which we have weight but also whether it is easy or difficult to separate with excess fat. Bodybuilding is the first thing you need to watch out for before choosing the kind of sport you will be doing. But the shape … Read more

The purple foods you should include in the fall menu – Comment

[ad_1] Crimson Products give energy, strength and splendid humor in the fall, experts say. Experts have proven that the color purple is physiologically stronger than any other color – slows respiration and increases breathing duration, slows down and controls the pulse, increases the resistance of the heart and vessels. Lavender heals and calms The color … Read more

Union of Fruit and Vegetable Processors Organizes a Discussion on Healthy Eating in Early Childhood

[ad_1] As winter approaches, when there is not much fresh greens and sunshine, we must inevitably change our diet to compensate for the lack of some vitamins and nutrients important to our body. This is especially important for children who are growing and developing. Even if they eat healthy foods like fish, fruits and vegetables, … Read more