Scientists have discovered a sign of cancer

[ad_1] Photo: Pixabay Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles have discovered a mechanism that allows cancer cells to digest glucose and gain the energy needed to survive and develop tumors, MedicalXpress said. However, the content of certain molecules, on the basis of which a precancerous state can be established, is increased in cells, … Read more

How do we imagine life in space in the 1970s?

[ad_1] One of the most interesting and interesting things we know recently are undoubtedly the hand-painted images of human colonies in space created by Rick Gaidis, a painter and illustrator of NASA in the 1970s. In the decade after the first landing of a man on the moon, the idea of ​​colonizing the cosmos was … Read more

Scientists have discovered an easy way to treat osteoporosis

[ad_1] Probiotic supplements increase bone volume and work miracles for osteoporosis. This conclusion was made by US researchers. Probiotics, which are popular all over the world, can positively influence bone volume and bone formation, as the studies show. When laboratory mice are treated with probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which naturally exists in the body and … Read more

Viruses with upper respiratory tract infections are expected

[ad_1] We are expecting viruses that cause this upper respiratory tract infections, warns the general practitioner Dr. Gergana Nikolova for New TV. She pointed out that no flu virus, but there are viruses circulating in society. When it gets colder, some viruses are changing with others. Dr. Nikolova explained that the most common complaints in … Read more

January will be the peak of the flu epidemic

[ad_1] The Chief Inspector of State Health, Dr. Angel Kunchev, said an influenza epidemic is expected by January. "And this year we could expect different pressures. Unlike earlier, when influenza viruses have always caused the epidemic, recent years have witnessed a parallel circulation of lineages B and A. It may also have made 3-valent manufacturers … Read more

Does dementia predict wrist?

[ad_1] The five-minute diagnosis of the neck can predict the risk of developing dementia for a decade before the onset of symptoms. It seems unbelievable, but the test that looks at blood vessels in the neck may eventually become a standard practice if the relationship between cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline is verified by the … Read more

Many people with diabetes are not diagnosed

[ad_1] There are a large number of undiagnosed patients and therefore are not treated and do not control their disease. According to the World Diabetes Atlas, the actual number of diabetic patients in Bulgaria is 520,000. Official statistics from the Diabetes Registry show that the number of people with diabetes in Bulgaria exceeds 460,000 people. … Read more