Roots of the fifth episode | Mondo Portal

[ad_1] The fifth episode of the series "Roots" brings new victims in the little Prerov. Achim Katic calls the peasants of the rebellion. In this conflict between the army and the peasants, the leader and the mayor, Aci is taken into custody. Later, Tole joined him later, saying that he would follow him "even to … Read more

NEBOJŠA TUBIC ZABAC: Legija and Spasojevic offered me 500,000 euros to let the guy kill him! | News

[ad_1] Nebojša Tubić Žabac, widely known as former boyfriend Goca Bozinovska and a good friend Željko Ražnatović Arkan, told how he owed Ljubiša Buhu Čumet to be killed but also discovered numerous secrets from the Serbian and former Yugoslav underworld for DM 500,000. The guest of "Interview" on the Balna Info channel was Nebojša Tubić … Read more


[ad_1] Ivan Marinkovic and Djordje Tomic had a fierce indictment in the middle of the village "Parova", after which Baki B3 took the back trying to prevent the physical violence. "I have no problem with Ivan, like many comments. I was attacked by Schmizla because I went to Ivana last night, I tried to calm … Read more

Coby reveals: Nataša Beckalac is a grateful customer |

[ad_1] Reper and producer Slobodan Veljkovic Coby valid for the most wanted months, and October was marked by his collaboration with Natasha Bekvalac on the track Little blue. In an interview to the world, Coby discovers that he did not expect cooperation with the blonde pop star. "I am dissatisfied with the way it was … Read more

"He's a cat lost in time and space!" • HAPPYTV.RS

[ad_1] IVAN MARINKOVIC ONLY FOR HAPPY.RS: "He's a cat lost in time and space!" 1. A week after you were marred by your quarrel with your sister, who publicly stated that you did not follow the "Couples", she did not support your relationship with Jelena Ilic. You asked her to report to the program, after … Read more

Nadezhda told her what Luna had done for her while the cameras did not record, and found she would sue for it! | Telegraph

[ad_1] Singer Nadezda Biljić, who escaped from the cooperative, will sue Luna Đogani for alleged physical violence, though no one has seen her in front of the cameras. Nadezhda claims that when the fighting broke out with her, she would make a suit for her, and a snapshot of that would be sought as evidence. … Read more