New details on the tragedy with a Bulgarian who mysteriously died on a plane after a trip to Egypt – BLITZ

[ad_1] As we have said, a Bulgarian tourist died aboard an airplane that traveled from Egypt to Bulgaria, and some travelers think that the cause is food poisoning in the hotel. On 17 November, Alexandrina Panayotova and a group of Bulgarians make a trip to Egypt, organized by a Bulgarian tour operator. For the first … Read more

България | Правосъдното министерство: Условията за Иванчева и Петрова са в рамките на закона

[ad_1] Марш за правосъдие се проведе в събота 24 ноември, в столицата в защита на Десислава Иванчева и Биляна Петрова, жертви на целенасочен процесуален произвол. © Юлия Лазарова Красимир Кънев: Това не е килия, а тоалетна "Следствените арести, които мнозина наричат ​​килия, аз обаче ще кажа за тях, че са тоалетна. Трима души спят на … Read more

Karakachanov thinks "creative" on Tuesday to withdraw as an addiction (Obzor)

[ad_1] Siderov also demanded his resignation so that the patriots begin "pure" Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov will be "creative" until Tuesday under Volen Siderov's proposal and he will resign and the patriots will remain without their own. "This is a creative proposition. I continue to think creatively and, as I have said many times, … Read more

: Bulgarian natives sell their addresses for 100 euros ::

[ad_1] The Kyustendil District Court, headed by Judge Tatyana Kostadinova, has appointed additional expertise in the case of the confiscation of the property of Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov, known as the Galevi brothers. At the hearing yesterday, the report of three experts in accounting and economics, which is for the period 2001-2008, was approved. … Read more