Postbank has a new owner

[ad_1] Postbank has a new owner Facts.BG Eurobank buys a real estate company and is released from "bad" loans for 7 billion euros Canadian Fairfax becomes one of the major shareholders of Greek bank Eurobank Total coverage [ad_2] Source link

Microsoft overtook Apple in market capitalization, making it the most expensive company

[ad_1] Apple's actions, as we all know, periodically dramatically change its value. Recently, however, Cupertine's stock prices have definitely forced investors to bite their elbows. Less than four months ago, Apple shares rose to the skies and cost more than $ 207 a share, making Apple the first privately owned company in history with a … Read more

Portfolio "Europlan" exceeded 50 billion rubles | News

[ad_1] Portfolio "Europlan" exceeded 50 billion rubles Europlan summarized the activities of the three quarters of 2018 in IFRS. The company's leasing portfolio grew by 23.5% and amounted to 50.1 billion rubles. Operating profit added 22% – to $ 6.1 billion. The cost of transportation purchased for leasing transactions was 60.1 billion rubles – an … Read more

Российские IT-компании представили свои разработки британскому бизнесу на РББФ-2018 | Экономика

[ad_1] МОСКВА, 26 ноя / ПРАЙМ /. IT-Российские компании представили свои разработки британскому бизнесу на бизнес-форуме Российско-британском (РББФ 2018) в Лондоне, говорится в сообщении Росконгресса по итогам форума. В частности, в рамках форума состоялась презентация VR / IoT-платформы реабилитации компании "Моторика" новой территории развития "ФармМедполис" в Татарстане. Российский экспортный центр совместно с фондом "Сколково" на … Read more

General Motors to reduce 15% of North American employees

[ad_1] The largest US automaker, General Motors Co. (GM), plans to reduce the number of employees in North America by 15%, including reducing the number of managers by 25%, the company said in a press release, Interfax . Given the current number of GM employees in the region, layoffs will affect more than 10,000 people. … Read more

New Kia Soul removed without camouflage: photo

[ad_1] Photo: New Kia Soul shown in the photo "live" The third-generation crossover on the eve of the official performance was photographed live in Mexico. The network has declassified the appearance of the new Kia Soul. The images appeared on The Korean Car Blog website a few days before the official presentation of the … Read more

Named the Best Certified Cars with US Mileage

[ad_1] These cars will not bring trouble. In the US, automakers sell used cars, giving them a CPO certificate. This means that the car has been technically tested and has an extended warranty. But these cars are more expensive than similar uncertified models. We offer you the 10 best used cars with a CPO certificate, … Read more

Logitech and Plantronics not yet merged | News

[ad_1] According to Reuters, Logitech has negotiated the acquisition of Plantronics. However, as it became known, the agreement did not occur, the parties did not reach an agreement. According to available information, the Swiss manufacturer offered $ 2.2 billion for Plantronics assets, currently capitalizing at $ 2.03 billion, it is worth mentioning that the peak … Read more