Black Friday 2018 with great offers

[ad_1] The countdown to Black Friday 2018 has begun, and thousands of consumers are waiting with … agony for the next store move. There are also some stores that started making rebates during Black Friday 2018, but most will undoubtedly wait on Friday, November 23, 2018. Black Friday 2018 marks the beginning of the holiday … Read more

Land Registry: Decline starts in 34 areas – Secrets and Pitfalls

[ad_1] This is a particularly difficult situation, since it mainly concerns continental and insular Greece, with 36% being rural areas, while a large number of settlements with different characteristics (rural, mountainous, etc.) are located. At the same time, all the islands and rocky islands are included, as are the areas that are part of the … Read more

Hellenic Tourism 2005-2017: It earned revenue on revenue loss and increased hosting costs!

[ad_1] Tourism ministers have celebrated the last few years for the record of arrivals of foreign visitors, especially during the period from April to October, but under the euphoric rug there are several weaknesses. Research by the Institute of the Association of Greek Tourist Companies for the period 2005-2017 shows the 30% reduction in the … Read more

Retirement agreement – countermeasures with "sacrifice" RDP

[ad_1] She Dimitra Kadda Countermeasures / benefits amounting to around EUR 900 million, compared to EUR 766 million provided for in the Preliminary Draft Budget, communicated yesterday's agreement to the Euroworking Group for Greece. The gap between the Commission's estimates of lower growth and primary surplus and therefore fiscal space and government has been surpassed, … Read more

Kontra ND – Stathakis for disclosures on the debts of ELFE to DEPA – SKAI (

[ad_1] A large political dimension is taken in the case of debt indebtedness EUR 120 million from the company "Greek Chemical Fertilizers" by Lavrentis Lavrentiadis for DEPA after today's (Third) disclosures of former DEPA CEO Theodoros Kitsakos that government officials were aware of his manipulations for which he was prosecuted a few days ago for … Read more

The Ministry of Labor bill to reduce insurance contributions was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies

[ad_1] The draft law of the Ministry of Labor, entitled "Reduction of social security contributions and other provisions", was presented in Parliament, which includes a number of provisions on insurance and labor issues. Among other things, the project, by maintaining the minimum contribution to the levels set forth in Law 4387/16, reduces insurance contributions to … Read more

Rollover in retrospect: "Breathing" for thousands of retirees – How to claim your money

[ad_1] The way to return retrospectively to retirees who suffered severe cuts from June 2013 to EFCA lost its first appeal for a first instance ruling in favor of NAT pensionerswhile, at the same time, the courts are also returning reductions, in addition to those deemed unconstitutional State Council (CoE). According to an exclusive report … Read more