Episodes in Thessaloniki in an event with the speaker Gavroglou

[ad_1] Enlargement was caused on Sunday at Sykeon's Second Lyceum in Thessaloniki, shortly before a planned event with the Minister of Education, Kostas Gavroglou, to talk about the new examination system for access to higher education. After the police intervened, the situation was normalized, but the event was canceled. Members of student and student clubs, … Read more

Dead woman with fire in her house

[ad_1] First entry: Sunday, November 18, 2018, 8:45 p.m. The firemen pulled the unfortunate woman out of the window, but unfortunately she was unconscious. The tragic incident occurred this afternoon in Dilessi, Viotia. The fire department received a call at 16:49 for the fire in an isolated house. Three vehicles with six firefighters from Oinofyta … Read more

Prohibition of deep-sea vessels in Corfu

[ad_1] "Moored" will be open, at least until Sunday afternoon on Sunday, November 18, by open-air boats operating on the Corfu-Igoumenitsa and Corfu-Paxi routes, due to strong winds blowing in the area. The prohibitive detention for high seas vessels was issued by the Corfu Port Authority, when the winds reached the Ionian Sea by eight … Read more

ERT1 – A tribute to the 45th anniversary of the polytechnic rebellion

[ad_1] At http://www.ert.gr, we read: The ERT celebrates the 45th anniversary of the polytechnic revolt, with anniversary specials, with the publication of historical documentaries from the Public Broadcasting Archive, as well as First and Secondary Radio programs. More specifically, on Saturday November 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM, the show "HISTORICO PERIPATHI" is broadcast with Marilena … Read more

Mitsotakis: You will not criticize the review

[ad_1] In a violent ideological-political conflict within the framework of the constitutional revision, Messrs Alexis Tsipras and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with questions of State-Church relations and the functioning of private universities, should be highlighted as central issues of controversy. The two political leaders avoided parallel monologues this time and engaged in a political dialogue with the … Read more

Baskets in Mitropoleos – Installation is in progress (photos)

[ad_1] The measure of pavement installation on the main streets of Thessaloniki is extended as part of the municipality's planning to avoid the phenomenon of illegal parking. After a series of roads such as the Avenue of the Army, Ermou, Antigonides, Iassonidou, Botsari, Gr. Lambraki and P. Syndika, workshops of the municipality of Thessaloniki, they … Read more

Bartolomeu – Ieronymos dispute after Tsipra deal – News – news

[ad_1] The next few days are critical of the possibility of a "holy war" between the Phanar and the Greek Church after the Tsipra-Ieronymos pre-agreement. From the outset, albeit informally, the dissatisfaction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople was expressed by the archbishop's "self-confidence," who, as they argue in Fanari, secretly and without ever informing the … Read more

Carambola Fatal in Haidari The Journal of the Editors

[ad_1] Serious traffic that resulted in the death of one person and the injury of two others occurred at dawn in Chaidari. In particular, at 5:05 am, three vehicles collided at the intersection of Athens Avenue with George Papandreou, in the stream to Corinth. According to the first information, the car, involved in traffic, breached … Read more