YouTube CEO responds to PewDiePie over failure in Rewind 2018 and demonetization |


After admitting that the YouTube rewind of 2018 was "cringey," YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki responded to PewDiePie after he thanked her for the admission but raised more questions about the platform.

The 2018 Rewind video, which aims to cover the best times of the year on the platform, did not exactly meet expectations, and was met with widespread disapproval, indicated by the 15 million people who do not like and who count.

PewDiePie, the most contracted YouTuber, made their own Rewind video titled "YouTube Rewind 2018, but it's really good" – which, unsurprisingly, was much better, with over seven million tanned and less than 100,000 non-tastes.

PewDiePie's rewind video was far more successful than the official version.

In a blog post on February 6, Wojcicki said, "Even at home, my kids told me that our 2018 Rewind was" cringey. "We heard that he did not accurately show the main moments of the year, nor did he reflect YouTube you know "

PewDiePie reacted to this admission in a video on February 7, saying, "It's nice to hear you say that – just admit they screwed up." However, he also said that there are more serious issues affecting YouTube, such as the demonetization of channels and how this negatively affects video views.

Wojcicki replied in a commentary under the video explaining, "You're right, sometimes we make mistakes, but we're working hard to listen to the creators and review our systems when creators are reporting problems."

Wojcicki replied in a commentary on the February 7 video of PewDiePie.

The comment received more than 22,000 "thumbs up" from the viewers, so communication is at least appreciated. The feeling of being in the dark is high on PewDiePie's list of complaints, so if YouTube can live up to its promise of "transparency," it will be a step in the right direction.

PewDiePie is currently one of YouTube's trending topics as it struggles to keep its first place in the corporate challenge of Indian producer T-Series.

Issues related to the demonetization and misuse of copyright claims remain rampant on YouTube, with many creators, large and small, struggling to get answers from the people at the top. Wojcicki commenting directly on PewDiePie's video is a rare sight but perhaps a sign for things to come.


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