WWE Writer Leaving the Company


WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide revealed that he is leaving the company after being on the writing staff for a year. Famuyide shared some of the memorable moments he participated in his Instagram, both on screen and in the writing room. One of those moments included the now-classic Seattle segment with Elias and Kevin Owens, who were booed without proper homage after Elias did research on the defunct Seattle Supersonics. Famuyide posted the following below:

I want to thank the wonderful @wwe staff for letting a child live their dream last year. I would never have thought that I would have to write and create for something that I grew up watching, and more so, making some lifelong friends along the way. The journey was incredible, the experience was immeasurable, and the respect I have for every man and woman who helps put on this show every week will never dissipate. Thanks to the incredible team of creative writers for making me feel welcome and to everyone else in WWE for a great outing. It's for the next.

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