Monday , October 18 2021

Workers laid off by West Lorne


Fifty-seven Erie Flooring & Wood Products employees were dismissed in time for the Christmas holidays.

Chris Austin, chairman of West Lorne's flooring company, said workers were laid off temporarily until the middle or late January.

"The factory is not closing," Austin said.

Saul Marques, a representative of the United Steel Workers Local 1-500, said that all workers in the union unit were dismissed except two.

Marques said they did not receive a date when the workers will return to work.

"They are not sure," said Marques.

Marques said that the company usually dismisses some workers at Christmas time, but there are enough requests that this does not happen.

Erie Flooring & Wood Products was acquired by the Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring group, based in North York in the 1970s. Companies have been in the flooring business since the 1920s, according to its website.

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