Woman hit by bus OC Transpo crossing intersection


Laila Giama's left foot is under a protective wrap while she is in a room on the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital on Sunday. Giama, 26, was hit by an OC Transpo bus as he crossed a junction late Saturday.

Yasmin Giama / Photo sent

A 26-year-old Hunt Club woman, hit by an urban bus Saturday night, was on a bed in a recovery room on the Ottawa Hospital campus in Civic on Sunday after surgery on her left foot, livid that no OC Transpo had called to check on her by that point.

Leila Giama, a student at Carleton University and an employee of the Elizabeth Fry Society, had left the 92 bus in front of her home in Uplands and Paul Anka drives around 10:30 p.m. Saturday and was crossing Paul Anka when the bus turned right and hit her.

Giama said another pedestrian was ahead of her at the intersection and they had the right of way.

"Whenever people get off that bus, the bus waits for people to cross the street. So I started across the street, and the next thing I know, I'm under the bus. "

According to Giama, the middle tires of the bus were on the left foot when the vehicle stopped. "The bus driver got off the bus and said," I did not see you, I did not see you " and I started yelling, "I'm still under the bus. I'm still under the bus.

"It was pure agony," she said. "A bus is extremely heavy."

A statement released Sunday by OC Transpo's director of transit operations, Troy Charter, offered little more than confirmation "that an incident involving a pedestrian-bus contact occurred last night. An investigation is under way.

Giama underwent surgery on Sunday morning, after which hospital officials told her they could not recover the skin on the foot. She was also told she would use crutches between six and eight weeks.

She must remain in the hospital for at least another few days.

"Luckily my fingers are moving," she said. "They told me I was very lucky.

"But what I find really shocking is that no one from OC Transpo contacted me to see if I'm okay. I do not go to work or school and I can not work. "

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