Winner of $ 85,000 Big Wish Lottery Announced


The winners of the Big Wish Lottery of 2019 (License No. 10225) were drawn on January 12, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the
Court of the center of the station mall.

$ 85,000 Cash Winner:
Ticket # 03825 – Diana Archibald

$ 10,000 Cash Winner:
Ticket # 06358 – Richard Moore

$ 1,000 in cash:
Ticket # 04053 – Ken Wierzbicki
Ticket # 04705 – Patricia Solbeck
Ticket # 04134 – Charlie Shepherd
Ticket # 07177 – Don Kniahnicki
Ticket # 08766 – Jean Murphy

Congratulations to all of our winners and we thank everyone who supported the draw for this year's Big Wish Lottery, including dozens of volunteers and companies that sold tickets.

The Big Wish Lottery income this year will be directed to diagnostic equipment for the Group's Health Center.

It is important to note that the Group Health Center does not receive government funding for medical equipment and some programs and services. Fundraising efforts (such as the Big Wish Lottery) enable Group Health Center to purchase the latest medical equipment and provide the best possible care to each of the more than 80,000 patients cared for.



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