Wild New Destination 2 Puzzles Stumps Players, Leading Bungie To Reverse Course


On Tuesday, Destination 2 opened Bergusia Forge, the fourth and final activity of the recent Black Armory content package. There was a problem, though. For everyone to access it, at least one player in the world would have to solve a diabolical puzzle called Niobe Labs. The puzzle turned out to be so difficult, that no one could really finish it, which prompted the developer Bungie to change her mind yesterday and open the forge for everyone anyway.

"While joining as a community to solve puzzles can be fun, setting this puzzle as a portal between you and the new content you want to play was not an ideal experience," wrote a Bungie representative on the company's blog yesterday. "So we'll be uncoupling the puzzle from the Black Armory's final offer."

True to his word, yesterday afternoon Bungie opened the forge for everyone. Just like previous forgeries, there is a difficult process involved in unlocking and after that you can use farm weapons for your heart's content. (The new rifle looks very sweet.)

It's been a crazy week for hardcore Destination 2 players. When the update aired on Tuesday, January 8, Secret hunters and streamers immediately began attacking Niobe Labs, a room where they had to fight against enemies and solve a series of increasingly elaborate puzzles that involved firing buttons, decoding runes, and performing tricks so complicated that it was enough read about them. makes you dizzy. It's hard to say how many people actually found it fun to solve puzzles like this:

This is just one of the sections the players have discovered so far in Niobe Labs, a wild arena filled with ciphers whose solutions have so far involved French rhymes and obscure mythology. Within 24 hours, Destination 2 Players had reached level 7 of the puzzle, but found themselves unable to proceed. Two days later, it is still not resolved.

Bungie's goal was to create a shared community moment, not unlike the quest for Outbreak Prime and other elaborate treasure hunts that Bungie put in Destiny over the years. But as the studio acknowledged, it may not have been a sensible decision to restrict everyone's content until the hardcore of the most experienced players has figured out how to solve Niobe Labs. "We love trying new things with Destiny, but we're also flexible enough to spin when you aim to improve. We will continue to monitor the conversation about this event and learn from your feedback as we create future content releases. "

It's a fascinating sequence of events. Bungie and the team clearly wanted to recapture the sense of mystery and camaraderie that the players felt during the legendary Destiny events such as the quest for Outbreak Prime and the Whisper of the Worm quest, but blocking the content behind something so elaborate forcing players to wait for new things on Tuesday to wait and watch streamers until the puzzle was solved . Even for these streamers, the process was exhausting:

Destiny players want elaborate puzzles for years. This, however, may have been a hypercorrection.


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