Why it happens and how to avoid it


I first heard about the keto connection / hair loss in one of my favorite podcasts. He mentioned how this effect usually occurs a few months after the transition to a ketone diet, but the hosts did not go very deep because this happens or what you can do about it. So I got in touch with integrative nutritionist Ali Miller, RD, who has personally eaten and used nutritional ketosis in his clinical practice for 10 years.

According to Miller, the reason why some people may experience hair loss in a ketogenic diet is dual: stress and / or malnutrition.

First, the keto may be an additional stressor that your body can not control right now – unless you make some adjustments in your lifestyle. "Although ketones can be a powerfully healthy diet, it's also a stressful factor in your body," says Miller. "There are many health-support behaviors that are stressful, such as intermittent fasting. But if you are someone type A – excess caffeine, sleep, intermittent fasting and make ketosis – this is awesome. "

If you are taking on the keto as an additional stressor and not modifying your lifestyle in any other way – like making sure you have seven hours of sleep each night or changing your workouts to be a little less intense – then the keto may turn your body a chronic drive from fight or flight, says Miller. And this can cause a variety of regulatory functions in the body. "This can stress your thyroid, which can affect your adrenal glands, which may even lead to an autoimmune reaction, which could contribute to hair loss," she says.

Second, many women may not be eating enough protein when they switch to a ketone diet. "If you're following a classic ketogenic diet that's been developed more for the control of epilepsy and neurological diseases, it's often very restricted in protein," says Miller. "What happens, often with women, is that appetite is regulated and does not have organic hunger. So they eat less – and eat less protein drastically – and the first sign of protein malnutrition is hair loss. "


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