Why is Netflix Mystery Murder a great success?


Sandler's latest offer from Netflix Mystery of the Assassination landed last Friday and went on to have a huge opening weekend.

The streaming giant reported on Tuesday (June 18) that the comedy was watched by a record 30,869,863 accounts in its first three days, marking the biggest opening for any original Netflix movie of all time.

But the numbers were met with skepticism by some online, questioning whether the film really was attended by so many people.

After all, it's really crap, right? And that many people really want to see a new movie from Sandler? Surely what really happened was that a lot of them started and stopped after a few minutes, right?

Sorry to say, however, that was not what happened. We know that Netflix has in the past been tightly guarded against its audience numbers but is changing its approach in recent months.

Of course, they still focus mainly on the movies that did well and their weekly charts do not come with real numbers, but Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčopening up to what people actually watch. And yes, one of them last week was Mystery of the Assassination.

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Scott Yamano / Netflix

When Netflix revealed that Bird box was assisted by 45 million accounts in its first seven days, the company outlined its approach to accounting for these numbers. These numbers mean that each account had seen at least 70% Mystery of the Assassination, with only one view per account counted.

They do not seem to have changed this system for their weekly rating charts, so even if they have not said the same for Mystery of the Assassination, we have to assume that it is exactly the same system.

And why do 30.9 million accounts not watch? Mystery of the Assassination? Take your cynicism Sandler and what you have is a new movie available to watch over the weekend, with two recognizable stars in Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

We doubt that anyone would expect great things, but as we said in our analysis, Mystery of the Assassination promises to be an easy watch that is perfectly entertaining.

Given its status as Netflix's latest offering, it would have been heavily promoted on most accounts, especially if they watched previous Sandler movies made for Netflix. Anyone who sees you on your homepage may have thought: "Oh, why not?", Considering the fun premise of the movie (Agatha Christie, but funny) and the vaguely running time of 97 minutes .

Some have called the question of observation because of how it relates Mystery of the Assassination had been released at the box office.

But that's missing the point.

Of course the film would not have come close to that number if it had received a traditional movie release. However, you are not approaching a movie visit the way a Netflix watch does, so it's no wonder more people take a chance on Netflix.

Netflix has about 150 million subscribers around the world, so the fact that a fifth of them would watch a new movie on their opening weekend & # 39; is not unbelievable. Even if it is with a star you may find it unacceptable.

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Earlier this year, Netflix chief financial officer Spencer Neumann said he began to reveal his numbers "to give a sense of scale and scope," adding, "It is important for artists – and audiences – to understand the scope of their work . "

Why the streaming giant did not want to show how many people watch a particular movie? This can only benefit them in the long run as they try to attract even bigger names to the original content.

Sandler was one of the first to adopt the content of the original Netflix movie and now it seems he and Netflix knew what they were doing. He has always been a blockbuster; it's just that now, it's doing it on a different platform.

Mystery of the Assassination is now available to watch on Netflix.

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