Why do members of royalty invite so many of their exes to their marriages?


Kate Middleton and Prince William on Wedding Day Kate Middleton and Prince William on Wedding Day | Warren Allott – Pool WPA / Getty Images

For many people, the last place they would like to have an ex is in marriage. Even those who were able to keep in touch with people they once had relationships with would probably not invite several former members to watch them walk down the hallway with someone else. But the royal family does things a little differently and sometimes their marriages look like a parade of ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.

So why would royalty feel the need to invite exes to their marriages? Well, the reason is because your social circles are a tightly knit club and so it's important to keep yourself courteous and invite all members of that unique group, be it ex or not.

Here are the old flames of all, from Prince Charles to Kate Middleton, who have been invited to these royal subjects.

Prince Charles had Camilla Parker-Bowles and another ex in his marriage to Diana

Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles | Newspapers Expresso / Getty Images

Prince Charles married Princess Diana in what was nicknamed the "wedding of the century" in 1981 and apparently he did not want his beloved Camilla Parker-Bowles to lose the case, so he invited her.

Also participating was another former Prince Charles, Lady Sarah Spencer. However, having her there was simply unavoidable, since she was Diana's sister.

Prince William invited four ex-girlfriends to his wedding

When the future king of England married, he invited not one, not two, not even three, but four of his exes to his royal wedding.

That's right. Wills had four ex-girlfriends to attend the luxurious ceremony in person. The list included Jecca Craig, whom he dated when they were teenagers; Rose Farquhar, with whom he had a summer in 2000; Olivia Hunt, whom William dated at St. Andrews University (before Kate); and Arabella Musgrave, with whom he was in a relationship before going to college.

Kate Middleton invited two ex-boyfriends to her wedding

While William had several of his exes in his royal wedding with Middleton, the Duchess made sure she also invited some of her own.

Middleton invited ex-beaus Willem Marx, who is often referred to as her first love, and Rupert Finch, whom she dated for little less than a year while they both attended the University of St. Andrews.

Prince Harry invited two ex-girlfriends to his wedding.

The ex of the prince Harry, Chelsy Davy Chelsy Davy [pictured in middle] | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Prince Harry followed his brother and father's footsteps when he married Meghan Markle.

Harry did not send invitations to the number of exes William did, but he had two ex-flames there to witness him marry the American actress. Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas were spotted arriving at St. George Chapel for the prince's nuptials.

The now-Duke of Sussex is said to have stayed close to each of the women even after they have parted and we are assuming that it is true, since they were all smiles on the big day.


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