Why are Liverpool fans so obsessed with winning the title?


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Liverpool and the Premier League
Mails today about Klopp / LFC's view of "concentrating on the League" has crystallized something that has been bothering me for some time. That is, why are Pool fans so obsessed with winning the title? Is not it really more realistic for them to attack the FA or League cups instead of the EPL? A quick look at the numbers shows United winning the EPL 13 times (Grrr), Chelsea 5 times, Arsenal and City 3 times and Blackburn and Leicester once. Arsenal were runners-up 6 times and Liverpool only 3 times.

My clumsy point is this. Why is there so much noise made by 'pool fans', since their actual 'success' record is so bad? Now, maybe his selective audition, but I do not hear the same clamor from Arsenal fans or Chelsea fans. And yes, I am very aware that this is the same club currently with 4 points ahead of the league and also beat UCL, something my club can only dream of.

I'm not even suggesting for a second that they should not try and it's been my opinion for quite a while that the only thing that will stop the LFC from winning this season (and Spurs) will be injuries and / or controversial decisions by match. employees. Guardiola goes to the four competitions because he can. Only two major injuries would see the LFC becoming the maid of honor and not the bride once again.

I repeat, I'm not saying that Liverpool should not aspire to the title, but at what point do you finally consider winning something other than the first place as the priority of your season? I would love to have an Aston Martin DB5, but it is more realistic for me to have a new hatchback every 3 years, unless the LFC is bought by the Saudi royal family, what will change? It's been 27 years since Prem started, after all.
Mark (not defending the depth of City team. That's what it is). MCFC

Sorry, the goal is the championship.
I can not believe some of the idiocy I see here from LFC fans after losing the FA Cup game. First, London comrade, who thinks it's an insult to the competition start Dejan Lovren, midfielder who played all six games in that midfield position is being ridiculous. You might want it to fall out of big games, but one, one FA Cup 3rd round Fixture is not a big game and two, who exactly should Klopp choose? Virgil van Dijk and Alisson played all games this season, with the exception of the Chelsea League Cup. A break for them was guaranteed.

Also, I highly doubt that winning the FA Cup, a tournament that a coach can win and be fired a week later, will quench the thirst for glory of someone in the LFC. Nowadays, it is not very different from the League Cup, which the writer defends in the same post as being unimportant. He's right about one thing. Liverpool We were obsessed with winning the Premier League, maybe because we've won a title for 29 years and it would mean everything for fans to do it! Oh, and thank you for being "the first" to say that City will win the title this year. A prediction so bold.

For Colin, who is not ready to oust Klopp, but is outraged that players who are paid to play football but are not part of LFC's first-choice XI should play football from time to time. You will have to excuse a man who has achieved a four-point lead over the Premier League table if he does not agree with his view that the FA Cup was Liverpool's best chance of winning a trophy. This being said at a stage where 32 teams are still in it. Players who took to the pitch on Monday night have a role to play. It's playing games where the first X needs a break or getting out of the bank. The fact that they did not do the job is disappointing, but it only better illustrates the fine line that Klopp is going through with the team in the title race. Yes, City had a better team than Liverpool, but that's because they have a second XI that could probably finish mid-table in the Premier League.

Injuries and the fact that the team has just run a gauntlet of nine crazy games in which they were undefeated until they narrowly lost to the champions determined the formation. Not because Klopp thinks the overrated FA Cup is useless, if at all. Finishing fourth in the league is more lucrative and important for long-term goals than winning a brilliant pot of tea. How did you determine that the FA Cup was more possible, when you probably have to face a Chelsea or a city to beat it, is not it exactly science?

And by the way, the journey matters. Let's say this is a holiday to the destination of your dreams. To get to this point we had a ton of canceled flights and long stops in terrible places and now the final destination is really possible. Sorry, the goal is the championship. Winning the FA Cup is like trying to get to New York and being re-routed through Philadelphia. It's cool and everything, but it's not where we wanted to go.
David, LFC Tampa Bay

Custis and "Today"
I loved the transcript of Custis v Branco refereed by Brazil. Especially:


AB: "Neil?"

NC: "What?"

AB: "Come on. What's new?"

NC: "No, he can not just cut me like that and come out like that."

AB: "Well, he does, because he's at ten."

It just reminds me of Peter O 'Hanrahanhanrahan from "The Day Today". 'Peter, you've lost the news! Next time you cross the road, do not worry about looking.

Christ, what happened to journalism?
Stu, Southampton

A double farce of VAR
I should start with two confessions. First of all I am a fan of Chelsea. Secondly, I hate the way the VAR slows down the game and just looks at certain things. This makes it inherently unfair in my opinion. I'm all for finish line technology because it's done in real time and it's incredibly accurate.

What we saw last night was a mess on many levels, with the authorities going against the guidelines and overturning a correct decision.

We have already seen a Mata goal not allowed for Man U because a small part of his kneecap (with which you can score) was hindered. We are told that any part of the body that can score a goal can not be stopped.

Last night there were two big mistakes. At this point, we must credit the assistant, who really has a very tight decision absolutely absolute. There is no doubt that Kane was hindered – his feet may not be, but his chest, shoulder, and head were all. This makes it categorically hindered.

However, despite doing the right thing and later signaling for impediment, this is wrong in the VAR era. I know people will say "whistle", but you can see Chelsea defenders raise their hands and stop playing. The assistant raising her flag impacts the game. Did not I know that things like that could be reviewed if the assistant raised his flag?

So while he was right to raise the flag (as Kane was prevented), he was wrong to do so because of the VAR. That makes sense?!

Then the real mess begins. The decision is then reviewed at an angle, apparently from what appears to be the flag of the corner. This is totally the wrong perspective. All he showed was that Kane's foot was in line with Azpilicueta's. Where was the vision needed to make an accurate decision? Basic biology will tell you that if two people are on the same level, but moving in opposite directions, there will be different angles and positions of the body in play. So, even at that angle, it could be deduced that Kane was hindered. But you simply can not have VAR and not have the cameras in place to make a correct decision.

As it turned out from the camera crawling data, Kane was clearly impeded. Then VAR delayed the game by two minutes, changed the result and nullified a brilliant decision of the assistant. Is this the future?

If we only have a terrible camera angle, then the VAR simply will not work.

And I am vehemently against the VAR, so it would be absolutely to say that the same thing happened if the CFC were adopted.
Tom Birkert, London (PS – Hudson-Odoi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I completely agree with Simon, THFC on the replays being shown instead of the field action when the ball is in play. * Really * frustrates me, especially when it's the camera slicing an old guy in the crowd watching the game we're not seeing at that particular moment.

The Man City-Liverpool game had this past week when the camera spent about 2 minutes focused on Pep throwing his handkerchief in a rage when there were only a few minutes to go. I do not care if the reason is because nothing of note is happening on the field, I want to be able to see that "nothing," especially if that nothing turns into something.

When BT Sport started showing Premier League football, I remember they would have a small window in the corner that would continue to show the game when they showed a replay or a cut for the coach – I feel that I can now imagine it – but I do not understand because this is not possible. Certainly, when is the camera cutting to the manager / chief executor / injured player in the stands – why can not this be displayed in a small window so the commentator can still comment on that person without directly interfering with the main Vision?
Don L. Renegade

I just wanted to agree with John Stanley, Tottenham fan of this mailbox in the morning.

Almost exactly one year ago [January 11th 2018] I wrote in [unpublished] to say why I thought BT was feeding the prejudice against the VAR. They would have Howard Webb as their third commenter reviewing controversial decisions, but constantly agreeing with whatever the official on the day of departure said, at most he may have said that it should have been given different, but I can see why he gave it. You always have a warning.

So people are being told that the game day official is always right, [despite knowing this not to be true] So when a decision is made against your team on the ground, and the VAR ignores the judge, people will be outraged. It's the best thing, since the sliced ​​bread, if the game is over.

Sky showing incorrect lines purposely only to stimulate debates and, at a certain point, you will know that this will be broadcast on your betting channels … also known as 2/1, there will be a decision of VAR [upheld] made in the game. The likes of Souness and Savage will never have their head turned to technology, so it will be crushed in the next few years.

I do not see this changing that replays will be shown in the stadiums, however, football fans are not reliable enough. Even in Ireland's football friendlies, if there is a free shot, the stadium will put an ad on the TV if it is a controversial decision and we peasants revolt.

I hope the VAR is a success and it becomes more accessible to the fans of the game day.
Anto, Dublin

Lovren's sick story
dear sir or madam

I'm really sick of other Liverpool fans going to Lovren. No matter what he does in a match, the media narrative is that he is a bad defender and everyone, including Football365, believes that.

In the game against City, Lovren showed Aguero on his weakest foot and the line. Correct the defense. It was an incredible blow that hit Alisson at his next post. However, let's blame Lovren. Can you imagine how much guilt Lovren would still be receiving if he recognized the penalty at Anfield? People would still be talking about it. Since last season's Tottenham game, how many mistakes did he really make? The VVD is of course a much better defender but I remember several that he did, like the aforementioned penalty, the goal against City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and the lack of defenses against PSG in the defeat by 2 -1.

From whoscored.com, Lovren ranks as Liverpool's fourth-best player, with a much higher rating than Gomez, for example. I remember last year against Brighton as he was our only defender, but I superbly commanded the defense consisting of Can and Wijnaldum! He also seems like a really good guy. In the current political climate, it was brave of him to speak in support of the refugees. He also loves a cafe with Mo Salah!

Stop criticizing our players and stay behind them and the manager.
Counter-Lawyer (PS: first time I sent an email)

The mini world cup would not work
Andy (MUFC) had an interesting idea with regard to making the FA Cup an end-of-season event, but unfortunately I think it would further devalue the cup. So the PL ends in mid-April, now that the games are ready to open space – you just won the championship / stood or was downgraded after a difficult season – how many of these clubs will go anywhere strength team ?

The first team will be dispatched immediately because clubs will see the obvious benefit of their clubs in late April until the end of June when the preseason starts – play in a WC or Euros per year and you would end up with most of the PL to enter their U23 with some players of the squad that they hope to unload in the mix for a good measure – it would be necessary to adapt also to the play-offs existing in Football League, what would be a scheduling nightmare.

The FA Cup is fine, but if an adjustment is needed, I think a switch to the German DFB Pokal format could work. Everyone enters the first round – clubs that have finished in the top 32 in the league qualify automatically, and the other 32 points go into the playoffs. The qualification is through local FA Cup competitions, ie a berth goes to the winner of the Berks and Bucks Cup, for example – the Checkatrade can also be used as a qualifying competition.

The first round is played on the Saturday before the season starts, with the first 32 playing out and acting as an appropriate cutter for the season, the rest of the draws scattered throughout the season midweek or on weekends, depending on how to schedule work . No replays, the draws are over.
Paul, Germany

Pedant point
Okay, so I agree with most of Dave's emails from the morning Mailbox, about how choosing to lose would be a strange decision considering how hard it is to win. Now I do not think Liverpool really did it but obviously they looked at their priorities and decided that the FA Cup would be a distant third place. Okay, they can do as they please (I think this is a relief to them), although I argue that the timing is as important as rest in this kind of situation (I also argued that England should play a team of total force against Belgium in the summer, so what I know).

My complaint is this: "The team that wins the first league also wins another competition." I know, I really should have just left, but I can not be bothered doing any work this morning, so I decided to check it out.

There have been 26 Premier League football seasons; In this period, 11 teams won the championship and another trophy (for that purpose, I include the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Champions League). This accounts for 42% of the teams that won the Premier League winning another trophy. However, dig a bit more, and we see that 4 of these 11 occurrences included a Premier League and Double League Cup. I am absolutely a fan of the League Cup and fortunately I celebrated when United won, so I do not like to cash it, but given that it is clearly the 4th priority for most clubs, if we discount that, we see that only 27% of the teams won the League and the FA Cup. Finally, this happened in only 3 of the 19 stations that ended this century (? 99/00 to & # 39; 17/18), which means that only 16% of the time was made in this century, with the last of these coming in 2010, close to a decade ago.

So I would actually say that the team that wins the league does not usually win another competition, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so.
Jack (I'd like to emphasize that I do not believe teams would deliberately play a game just to avoid the congestion of the handsets) Manchester

Goalkeeper Stats
Looking at the recent fights of Thibaut Courtois at Real Madrid, I wonder if judging a goalkeeper by the amount of clean sheets makes any sense.

I mean, clean sheets can be due to a great defense, it may be due to the opposition hitting the pole three times in a single game, it may be due to opposition playing so poorly that they do not even gather a single shot at the whole game target and so and so on. At the opposite extreme, it is often unreasonable to expect a goalkeeper to make a save when a shot at the target is so well hit that it is physically impossible for any mortal human to keep him out of the net.

Against a top 6 team, many of the "weakest teams" sit and try to play counterattacks, which means that the goalkeeper has practically nothing to do and at the end of the game has a clean sheet reflecting against the name we then judge them coming to the end of the season, forgetting that they often contributed little to possibly zeroing in on actually reaching it.

Surely a more accurate way to measure their performances would be pitched pitches against saved, number of unforced errors, lack of space, possession given, number of corners claimed, number of times the goalkeeper went off the line and hit the air instead of claim ball, number of 1v1 situations he went over, number of saved penalties, number of shot defenses made within 6 yard area, 18 yard area, outside 18 yard area etc.

Given the amount of data available in modern football, am I sure that more accurate and relevant statistics could be generated for goalkeepers? This should also apply to all positions on the football field, and one day, when pigs fly, it can perhaps be used as a basis for rewarding a ballon instead of relying solely on perception and popularity.
Shahzaad, South Africa

League Cup scrap
Fixing the FA Cup It's simple; to end the League Cup. With only a cup competition, teams would take this more seriously, and therefore the importance would increase, as would the number of games in a season as well.

In addition, the prize for the win must change according to the league in which the winning team is therefore the last place of the Champions League for the PL teams, the last place of the play-off for the lower divisions. Give me some encouragement, huh?

Does not Rami, London, see the irony of seeming a bit obsessed with the Liverpool / title challenge now that United is not (or has never been) in it?
Néill, Ireland

Klopp is the best maid of honor
Klopp made a mistake against City, inhibiting the team with the midfield he chose, giving up the initiative and giving City the victory that his superior team was more than capable of achieving without his help. The fact that we kept the City pressed and closed, in the final stages of the game, showed the fear that we might have explored previously with a more aggressive approach.

Klopp made a mistake against the wolves and admitted that. Wolves are not mugs and Klopp effectively sent his lambs to slaughter with that bottom line, further aggravated by Lovren hurting himself (though his replacement seemed more composed, though he was half his age). Wolves are one of the best teams in the middle of the Prem table and they and the FA Cup both demand and deserve much more respect.

Liverpool's unbeaten start to the Premiership had great shots of luck along the way, Everton's goal and lack of a Mahrez penalty immediately came to mind, but there was a lot more, and Liverpool's performances were not matched by a team that He led the league. suffered a loss is not a big surprise. It is reasonable to expect that we will lose more points (Brighton out is the next worst game) and a re-energized City is favorite to capitalize and win the title again given the best and deepest previous experience.

City's result is the latest in a long line of ultra-critical high-pressure games that Klopp lost, adding to his litany of failures often reported in the finals – it has been going on for so long that there must be something wrong in his preparation for these pinnacle games of pressure – either he is very passionate and emotional, or he is not pragmatic or tactically cunning enough. Something is clearly wrong, your record speaks for itself.

Even if we crush Bayern and move on to the Champions League final again, sweeping everything ahead of us in regular scoring festivals like we liked last season, we would have no confidence in us to win the final for the reason mentioned above. I sent before the FA Cup was the best silver chance for Liverpool and Klopp, so I was dismayed when Klopp disapproved of the selection. Given regular final failures, Klopp should be targeting some cutlery – without the pressure of his losing record only increasing.

In playing the FA Cup, Klopp has exponentially increased the pressure on his players at the Prem – we have not played with much pressure until now, but the Brighton game, after Klopp's charges, became a second-round final one week after City game, and we all know how Klopp and his players act in the cup finals.

But despite all the above, I love Klopp, I love his approach, I love his relationship with the players and the fans, and I love what I feel for Liverpool at the moment. Winning really is not everything. Shanks would probably disagree, but there is much to be said just for liking seeing his team go, doing the best and playing offensive football by scoring goals along the way. Salah giving his pen to Bobby for example – just positivity.

If that makes me a loser, so be it. 99.999% of football fans are at the end of the season anyway, as well as having fun along the way.
Gofezo (both hated by Liverpool in the Mailbox and comments recently – how do we fail to achieve the status of second team losers now?) Jesus


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