What you should know 2 days after the fatal accident


Emergency services, as well as city and hospital officials, are working diligently this weekend to help create some stability and calm after the fatal accident on Friday.

Three people were killed and nearly two dozen were injured when a double-decker OC Transpo bus hit a bus shelter at Westboro Station early in the afternoon rush hour.

Two days after the accident, here's what you need to know.

Road closure

The Transitway remains closed in both directions between Tunney Grassland and Lincoln Fields stations on Sunday, forcing buses to make detours around closed stations.

The teams were working to repair the bus shelter at Westboro Station Sunday morning, but police said they were not sure when the Transitway would be reopened.

Scott Street reopened between Winona Avenue and McRae Avenue.

Teams are working to repair the bus shelter at Westboro Station after an OC Transpo bus collided with him on January 11, 2018. (Radio-Canada)


While Ottawa Hospital reported on Friday night, they had up to nine people in critical condition, less than 24 hours later they said only one patient still needed intensive treatment.

Queensway Carleton Hospital also dealt with a number of patients, but in the end, only one person was hospitalized – and that person was listed in a serious but stable condition.


Collision researchers have finished documenting the scene of Friday's fatal bus accident at Westboro Transit Station on Saturday.

Investigators drove a similar two-story bus on the same stretch of the Transitway yesterday, hoping to understand what the conditions were like at the time of the accident.

It may take some time for the audience to get a firm response to what happened.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.


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