Weather forecast of the House of the Meteorite of Easter shows Wales warmer than Portugal and Spain


The Easter break is expected to bring Wales to the hottest temperatures so far this year, beating the likes of Portugal and Spain.

Meteorologists are predicting 22 ° C highs in parts of Wales during the long weekend.

Welsh expert Derek Brockway said the improvement is due to a "change in wind direction", bringing a dry, sunny and much warmer climate.

But make the most of it, as there will be a change on Easter Monday.

Good weather is expected to start on Wednesday and will improve with rising temperatures through Friday.

Highs of 22C on Good Friday
Max 22 ° C on Good Friday

According to the Met Office, today you will see "a lot of sunlight and high winds of around 18 ° C".

The forecast service says for Thursday: "Another dry and sunny day, after any fog and cloud of distance. Maximum temperature of 21 ° C.

"Prospects for Friday to Sunday are generally very hot, dry and sunny during the outlook period, and North Wales sees more clouds on Sunday afternoon, with the possibility of some slight rain in the afternoon."

It is likely to bring a boost to the seaside resorts such as Barry Island when the summer season begins.

But in good weather, there is also a warning about increasing pollen levels.

For about 18 million people suffering from hay fever, holidays can be ruined by symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, stuffy or clogged nose or headache.

The hay fever season began three weeks earlier thanks to an exceptionally hot winter that brought record highs of 21 ° C and is now being followed by spring temperatures 10 degrees warmer than normal.

Sonia Munde, head of services at Asthma UK, told Mirror Online: "A deadly pollen bomb is expected to be hit this week, putting people with asthma at risk for a potentially fatal asthma attack.

"About 3.3 million people with asthma are affected by pollen, which can cause symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness or coughing.

"The trees have been releasing pollen for several weeks, but the hot spring weather will cause these pollen levels to increase.

"If you already have symptoms, it's not too late to help you get well."


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