Thursday , October 21 2021

Watch this great Star Wars fan movie from Darth Vader


Vader, facing his own blade.
Image: Screencap via YouTube

"Vader Episode 1: Fragments of the Past" is the first part of a series of Star Wars Theory fans' videos on YouTube, and it's a good one. Occurring in the first months of the Empire – after the total fall of the Republic, but before the Clones were replaced by Stormtroopers, the film focuses on Darth Vader, forced to accomplish the will of the Emperor even amidst deep resentment and confusion.

It is a breeding ground for a Star Wars story, as the recent comics have shown, and the creators of this film do some interesting things with it. It opens with a long fantasy sequence, featuring Vader acting all his fury against him and his Master, before creating a conflict that seems to be impossible.

Really though, the star here is the visual design, which captures a live action Star Wars look perfectly. It is particularly exciting to see Clone WarsClone armor in live style. It pays to watch this alone.

No word on when we'll see more of this story, but I'll keep an eye on it.

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