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SpaceX is already the world leader in reusable rocket technology, demonstrating its ability to launch and reuse rockets several times in the name of cost savings and convenience. However, the company is still trying to perfect its technique when it comes to capturing the potentially reusable noses that stand at the top of their sophisticated rockets, and it's still turning into difficulties.

In a recent video of a recent test, Mr. Steven's networked ship is seen trying to grab a crackle from a helicopter. As you'll see in the recording, it's not as easy as it sounds.

The helicopter carries the fairing up to an elevated altitude and then falls, simulating what would happen if the fairing were actually falling off the boundary of the space after it had been knocked off a real rocket. The parachute of the fairing is implemented as planned and then it is up to the ship to position it and pick up the price component when it falls.

In this particular test, the ship barely misses its mark, seeming to lose the fairing by mere feet as the part of the rocket slowly moves to its resting place on the surface of the ocean. The network being used at Mr. Steven is actually about four times larger than the one originally transported by the spacecraft, and SpaceX hoped the extra range would be enough to make the process easier.

The company tried several things to facilitate the capture maneuver, including upgrading the parachute to prevent it from collapsing during descent and further delaying it. Neither of these things is important if the spacecraft can not get to the right position, but it's that kind of trial and error that SpaceX seems to like.

The company is not accustomed to failure and celebrates the shortcomings that lead to success. They will eventually find out.

Image Source: Terry Renna / AP / REX / Shutterstock


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