WARMINGTON: Four arrested in "miracle man" shooting


Everyone involved agreed that it was a miracle that the man who shot more than 30 times survived.

They also agreed that a miracle would be needed to capture the three guys who allegedly did it – which surveillance video showed they put 33 bullets into a defenseless man who happened to be in a parking lot in the Jane and Finch area.

But the Commander of the Unit Supt. Ron Taverner was optimistic.

"Let's get them," promised the 31, 23 and 12 Divisional commander the day he showed the video to the public.

"We have to get them."

It seemed like a grand goal at the time.

All they had were three masked men who quickly disappeared into the night in the Jane and Finch area.

Taverner was determined.

"He brought all the investigators and set the target," said a detective working undercover.

Guess what?

Prayers were answered.

Four men have already been charged in that shootout.

Three were supposedly the snipers and the fourth is supposed to be a "co-conspirator."

They are Ahmed Siyad, 26, Olad Olad, 19, Mohamud Duale, 27, and Ahmed Dirie, 27.

All arrested in recent days have faced 26 felony counts, including attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and a myriad of firearms charges.

They will appear in court on Dec. 19 at Old City Hall.

In this operation, the police also located four pistols.

They will be investigated to see if they have been involved in previous crimes including the heinous June 10 shot of Miraculous Man named Jamal, who told the Sun: "I did not feel the bullets in the beginning. I remember flashes of guns. It was the strangest out-of-body experience. It felt like I was above me looking at them shooting at me.

The first call the police made at the end of this investigation was Jamal himself.

"He was in tears," one officer said.

"The guy has gone through a lot and he is relieved that the people who wanted to kill him are now behind the bars."

Police say all the accused are known by the police.

The charges against the four are allegations and have not been proven in court.

But, sources say the sun, The Crown will claim that the motive behind this shameless shootout resulted from a dispute between the Dixon Road Bloods and the Driftwood Crips.

"It will be alleged that it was revenge and the plan was to kill the first person they saw."

This person was Jamal.

They certainly put enough firepower on their supposed mission to kill him, and it seems Jamal was hard to kill.

Despite having 30 bullet holes in it, he entered a nearby emergency room and presented his health card.

Two 15-hour operations later, and as he walks now cautiously, he is alive.

No one was happier on Thursday about this than Taverner, who has been in the last 24 hours as a Toronto Police Officer – a service he joined in 1967.

"This is a good way out," said Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack.

"I'm very proud of the men and women who worked on this and also Ron. He was only doing what he did for decades. "

Friday is Taverner's last day of 51 years of serving the city. On Monday, he takes on his new role as OPP commissioner.

And while there has been a lot of politics and intrigue surrounding this appointment, Taverner focused more on this case with his team this week.

"I'm very proud of them," Taverner said of the officers who made this vital stop to help him end his police career in Toronto.

"They're really amazing. I knew they would get them.

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