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"Warm, loving, kind": those who mourn remember the victim of bus crash Judy Booth

She was just standing on Saturday in a community hall in Almonte, Ontario, while the flute players and drummers filled the room with the music that Judy Booth loved to play.

The 57-year-old man was one of three public servants killed on January 11, when an OC Transpo bus crashed at Westboro Station.

The people of the many community groups that Booth belonged wiped away their tears when they remembered their lives – a very short life, friends said, but it was well lived.

"Even if our world has stopped, that does not mean the rest of the world has," said Karen Benvie, one of Booth's daughters, in front of the crowded room at Almonte Civitan Community Hall.

"Every day we must persevere to get out of bed and face the world, because that is exactly what Mother would do."

Judy Booth was remembered in the Sabbath service as a gentle and compassionate person who loved music and animals. (Radio-Canda)

Honoring your memory

Karen Benvie and her sister Holly shared fun and touching stories of their mother. They said the family was overwhelmed by the generosity of all the communities her mother was a part of – a manifestation of support that spoke to the kind of woman Booth was.

"We can not change the fact that our mother is gone, but we will continue her legacy by rising and facing every day [with] the same kindness, courage, compassion, warmth-and love of kilts, "Benvie said, offering the crowd a moment of relief and laughter.

"To do so less would be an incredible disgrace to her memory."

About 60 pipers and drummers paid tribute to Booth, who played on several local pipe bands at Saturday's funeral. (Radio-Canada)

Booth had retired from the National Capital Commission, but still helped access the information and privacy office where he worked on the day of the collision.

She was also involved in the organization of the North Lanark Highland Games in Almonte, and was a drummer in several local bands, including those belonging to Ottawa Police, RCMP and Ottawa Highlanders.

About 60 pipers played to honor Booth to the service, including Brad Hampson, who knew her for more than a decade.

"She was a very warm, loving and kind-hearted person, someone who would help anyone in their hour of need," Hampson said.

Brad Hampson, a friend of Booth's for more than a decade, was one of the flutists who played the funeral on Saturday. (Radio-Canada)

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Hampson said he would remember his positive and optimistic personality as well as his involvement with the community through the Highland Games and his love for animals.

Booth created butterflies, he said, and had two cows she liked to pass the time.

"Everyone is still very sad, shocked about how it all happened," Hampson said. "Even though she was still many years old, I think we will all have absolutely great memories of the time we spent with her."

Many of Booth's colleagues attended the service, including Daniel Mongeon, who said he would always appreciate how receptive she was when she began her work.

"She smiled at me and just gave me a hug," Mongeon said.

"What I miss most [is] your smile, your positive attitude, your willingness to help everyone, your music. "

Mayor Jim Watson, OC Transpo general manager John Manconi, and Coun. Eli El-Chantiry also attended the service on Saturday. People who would like to honor Booth with a donation should consider the Northern Mountain Games of Lanark.

Colleague Daniel Mongeon says he will always remember Booth's warm and welcoming personality. (Radio-Canada)

Crash is still under investigation

Two other civil servants, Anja Van Beek, 65, and Bruce Thomlinson, 56, also died in the accident. Another 23 people were injured.

A memorial service was held for Thomlinson Friday, while a private celebration of Van Beek's life has also occurred.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash with the help of collision specialists from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Officials believe the investigation will be time-consuming.

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