Friday , October 22 2021

Vince McMahon hits AJ styles, is punched in retaliation


SmackDown Live ended with an incredibly interesting segment. Vince McMahon brought AJ Styles to his office and asked who he was. Styles was understandably annoyed with the question, and began listing his accomplishments inside the ring and said he built SmackDown Live. McMahon then asked, "Why are not you competing tonight?"

McMahon continued by stating that he wants to see the "true AJ Styles", and that he knows they are more alike than Styles would like to admit. He wants to see the styles unleash their dark side and become a beast in the locker room. This culminated in stoning styles of McMahons, only for AJ to knock him out with a punch soon after. Instead of getting angry, it seems that McMahon got exactly what he wanted from the former WWE Champion.

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