Tuesday , July 27 2021

[VIDEO] "SNL": Trump plays "Deal or No Deal" at Cold Open

The Art of Business met Deal or No Deal like NBC's Saturday night live came back from the holiday.

In the open cold for the first episode of 2019, President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) was a contestant in the Howie Mandel hosted show that used to air 13 times a week on NBC and recently resurrected on CNBC.

At the SNL Parody, Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) was replacing Mandel as Trump played on behalf of his favorite charity, Habitat for Hannity.

Having previously said "No Deal!" As Congress passed in December, as Steve Harvey recapitulated, POTUS now seeks to secure $ 5 billion for a border wall in commerce to extend the DACA and free migrant children from their cages ( so they can be "free-range boys").

Trump chose pasta models including Speaker Nancy "not drunk on my own or something" Pelosi, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (who was pressured by Pelosi to downgrade his "whatever you want" offer to "US $ 15 + a "rye pastrami"), seasoned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and racist Rep. Steve King (whose pasta supply was, well, "white").

See some of the sketches here:

Trump eventually and erroneously selected a McDonalds Burger King Wendy's The White Castle deliveryman (Pete Davidson) who was standing off stage, but whose case of hamberders was an offer he simply could not refuse.

We'll post the full skit video as soon as it's available. until then, share your thoughts about the Deal or No Deal Parody, brought to you by Green Beef!

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