Video: Digital Foundry Technical Analysis of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


If you're wondering how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate compares with the existing launches in Wii U and 3DS, Digital Foundry uploaded a video, providing a complete technical summary.

The feature-packed game weighs in at 14GB and sees the return of Ice Climbers, which were removed from the previous release due to performance issues in 3DS. In terms of the more refined details in the Switch version of the game, the lighting has received a drastic revision, background details have been improved, character clothing has been renewed and fully dynamic shadows are on display. Unfortunately, Donkey Kong's skin was not cut and has now been replaced with a basic texture. Whether or not this was an artistic choice on behalf of the development team is unknown. The new entry also uses cel-shading elements previously viewed in the previous handheld version and The Legend of Zelda: Blowing the Wild.

In portable mode, this version of the Switch runs at 1280 x 720, which represents a major advance over 400 x 240 in the 3DS. Gone are the low resolution textures and blurred shadows. In anchor mode, the Ultimate runs at a native resolution of 1980 x 1080 (same as the Wii U version). In both game styles, the Ultimate visuals are broadly identical. The resolution drops from 1080p to 720p, but the frame rate remains the same at 60fps.

The only time DF noticed performance difficulties was that he ran tests with eight Ice Climbers on the screen at the same time. During these tests, the game ran at a higher frame rate in portable mode. In terms of input delay, the Ultimate is more responsive when using a controller connected to the GameCube adapter. As for how Ultimate compares to existing releases, the Smash game is less responsive to date

Regardless of the minor technical disadvantages, DF still thinks the Ultimate will have plenty of mileage and is one of the best Smash and Switch games to date.


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